Multimedia e-learning plays an important role in making e-learning content easier to consume, effective, and aesthetically pleasing. The only text content can make e-learning drab and boring. The inclusion of multimedia tools such as infographics, images, videos, audios, etc. makes it interesting to not only learn but retain in the long run.

Thus, multimedia inclusion is the way to go. But, only wanting to do something is not enough, there are innumerous factors that influence this decision. There are a few factors on the different levels that might hamper your decision to include multimedia. A few of them are discussed below-

Excellent settings menu

Your main page should have a multitude of options that might be required by the users. The more thorough your settings menu is, the easier it is for the users to use it. It makes sense to have different menu options for different types of users with varied permissions. For example, administrators should have different menu options than trainers and they, in turn, should have different options than the trainees. With different functions, they all need to perform it is advisable to provide them with different but thorough options. A few majorly used options can use the icons for a simpler understanding.

  • Amazing display

Your display page is the one that should pique the interest of users. It should have an attractive color palette and easy-to-decipher fonts. All the options should also be easily accessible. Thus, the form and the functionality of this page should be the best, not compromising on either. Multimedia tools can also support this matter.

  • Complete information

The completeness of the information is primary. The course creator should try and provide as much information as is required in small chunks but with pragmatically placed links according to the topics within your database. Additional links to outside information should be provided to the users in case they want to increase their knowledge further. This makes the knowledge imparted complete as well as thorough. Use of media for the same purpose is also recommended.

  • Lucid media

All the media being used by the developer throughout the course must be lucid enough for the users to understand and relate to the topic. Pragmatic use of images, infographics, videos, and audio can increase the lure of the program as well as make it easier to retain the intended knowledge by the trainees. Additional thought should be given to maintaining the format and load time throughout the course to make it more appealing and maintain consistency.

Interrelation of matter

  • Interrelation of matter

The material that is used throughout the course whether it is text, images, videos, infographics, or audio should be interrelated to increase the retention of information. When a topic is being discussed, all the interrelated media should be available to support the user’s understanding and long time retention of the same knowledge.

  • Language

Simple and easy to understand language rather than the overdose of jargon is recommended for the learning to be effective. On top of that, a standard sentence structure also goes a long way to aid ease of understanding the intended topics. And the jargon can be simplified before introducing it to the content, to make it easier to understand. Also, the multimedia should be amply described for its better absorption.

  • Difficulty levels

The topics of content matter can be provided with the difficulty level mentioned so that users can consume them with adequate knowledge.

  • Interactivity

The interactivity of the course and platform is an uncompromisable feature. It is through this that the users can make their preference register.

  • Communication features

The introduction of communication features such as direct messaging, notifications, and discussion platforms is also recommended to open the two-way communication channel between the trainers and trainees for increasing the effectiveness of the course.

Communication features

In conclusion

Multimedia features can help enhance the course content and can make the interaction easier, and in turn, ensure content retention at a much higher rate. The multitude of features in available LMSs makes it a little overwhelming to make the right choice in choosing the required LMS with multimedia features. This is where LMS Review can help you make the right choice.

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