Health trends have always been a little fishy. Outlandish claims paired with simple solutions to weight loss and happiness are almost objectively false.

There’s some merit to a lot of trends, though, which makes it hard to separate fact vs fiction. There are quite a few popular trends out there today, and we’re going to identify whether or not these trends are just fake health news.

Our hope is to debunk some of the myths or verify whether or not some methods work. That way, you can know where to start when you embark on your journey toward better health.

Let’s get started:

Dietary and lifestyle trends seem to rotate in and out of the popular consciousness. You hear that one fad is working for one month, only to forget about it until it’s brought up again a year later.

Most of us don’t dive deep into these trends if we’re not trying to get healthy at the moment. When you’re interested in new ways to achieve wellness, though, you’re likely to explore every option.

So, let’s check out the truth about health trends over the last few years and see if they hold up.

Meditation and Yoga

People have been meditating and doing yoga for thousands of years. In the west, these practices have had a much shorter lifespan.

That said, many people who stick to yoga or meditation practice swear by it and experience results. The science backs this up as well. So, if you’re looking to ease anxiety and increase overall happiness, these practices could help.

You should beware of glorified or heavily branded programs, though. These practices are hard work, and alterations of ancient practices are more likely to be ineffective.

Keto Diet

The keto diet has been a hot topic for a while now. The tricky thing is that it works for some people and doesn’t work for others. A lot of people who try the keto diet too intensely experience health issues as well.

Keto requires that you cut down heavily on carbs and replace them with protein and fats. The idea is that your body goes into ketosis and starts burning your fat reserves in the absence of carbs that produce glucose.

The efficacy of this diet plan is up for debate. If you’re interested in trying it, we highly recommend that you ask your doctor if you would have health risks in the absence of carbs. They might give you the green light, or they could warn you of some serious risks.

CBD Products

A relatively new health trend is CBD. It seems like CBD products and stores have popped up almost everywhere over the last few years.

Is it really that effective, though? The effects of CBD edibles, while still lacking some research, seem overwhelmingly positive. There aren’t notable side effects, and users consistently claim that it makes their lives better.

In Search of More Insight?

Identifying fact vs fiction in health and wellness trends can be tough. The important thing is that you do the research and see if certain methods will be healthy for you to try. We’re here to help guide you in those decisions.

Explore our site for more insight into health and wellness topics that could send you in the right direction.

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