There has been an all-around change in industries over the last few years when it comes to working from home. Several companies now realise that they can cut costs and also be more productive by letting their employees stay home and work from there. Moreover, many people are doing blogging and tutoring, jobs that are easily doable from anywhere.

There is undoubtedly a charm associated with working from home. You can, after all, spend a whole day in your pyjamas, being as productive as you would be in an office setting. However, although work from home opportunities are on the rise, the concept doesn’t come without its fair share of unique challenges. The end-goal, thus, is to create an environment that helps you succeed while enjoying the comfort of being outside the typical business working structure.

Check the challenges below


Working from home can go a lot smoother if you are good at multi-tasking and have excellent management skills. It is easier than you think to get lost in the laidback attitude of your home and slack off on the job. Thus, if a person needs to take this seriously, they need to create the perfect ambience for it. This includes having a separate area for work, sticking to a fixed schedule, and forming the right balance between your home and business life.


Not being in front of an employer has resulted in a new type of challenge. Most freelancers, for example, complain that they have to spend a lot of time chasing payments. For those in a stable job, asking for a raise can be an issue. Now, there are a few tips on how to successfully ask for a raise, and you can possibly implement them even when not in the office. These include having documentations of your work ready and being thorough with listing your contributions to the company. In the end, whether asking for your work payments or a salary raise, it helps to be consistent, but polite.

Sudden Unemployment

You can be a freelancer working with the same company for a year and still get fired in a second. An issue with working from home is that when things get tough for a business, you are more than likely to be the first person they let go. Now, one of the big advantages of freelancing is that you can do more than one job, and it is always recommended to have some part-time work as a back-up.

Bad Employees

A lot of people misuse freelancers and employees who don’t visit a physical office space. They might change the terms of the job, or alter the salary without notice. To avoid such miscommunications, it is best to have everything you discuss in writing. If you don’t have a proper agreement, then at least have the company send you all the terms and conditions mentioned in an email. This can come in handy should you have to fight for your payments.


Poor Health

Sitting on a desk for extended periods has its own set of problems. It makes your body cramp and your mind dull. So, get up and take a break now and then when working from home. It can be a little bit of stretching or a quick run to the kitchen for a glass of water. Anything works, as long as you are moving around.

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