Organizations use facility maintenance software to streamline their repair and maintenance from a web-based dashboard. All activities related to repair and maintenance, including outsourcing to commercial contractors and preventive maintenance are managed with the software.

It reduces the operator input require throughout the maintenance process and integrates the maintenance activity. Studies have shown that facility maintenance software has resulted in organizations achieving a 15 percent savings in their maintenance budget.

FM: systems provide an ideal facility management software that can give accurate data of the facilities along with reports and dashboards to identify the areas of inefficiencies and concerns.

Benefits of facility maintenance software

Benefits of facility maintenance software

Let us examine the key benefits an organization can gain from implementing facility maintenance software.

  • Efficient tracking of assets – Business assets are tough to track through spreadsheets. With this software in place, you can have real-time data on your facilities and track and manage these assets effectively.
  • Optimize the working space – How the working space is utilized has a big say in innovation, creativity, and employee satisfaction at work. Facility management software provides you tools to view the current workspace allocation and make changes to properly utilize the space. You will be able to create engaging workspaces that maximize productivity.
  • Simple interface – All maintenance jobs can be created and scheduled using a single interface that is easy to use.
  • Ensuring periodic maintenance – You can plan and schedule regular maintenance of the facilities at an appropriate duration.
  • Tracking of expenses – Using facility maintenance software it becomes easy to track the maintenance expenses of the different types of equipment.
  • Mobility – Facility management software can help you conduct your business from a remote location. Coordinating the business and conducting the work, as usual, becomes easy even when you are out of the office.

Features of a good facility maintenance software

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A good facility maintenance software should have a certain key set of features for efficient functioning.

  • Ability to track material and labor issues
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling – Good software should enable automatic calendar-based scheduling of preventive maintenance.
  • Efficient work order management facilities – The software should enable you to create and track work orders with records of the work that has been done.
  • Create workflows for facility managers – Using this software workflows and checklists can be created for facility managers enabling them to function efficiently.

Facility management software can be easily downloaded from the internet and there are many trial versions available. This software is easy to set up and is mostly compatible with all the platforms.

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Most organizations are implementing facility maintenance software to enhance their space utility. Companies have been found to rely on them for their benefits such as simplified management of rooms, equipment, and shared resources.

Choosing good facility management software should be done carefully after analyzing all its features.

FM: Systems is a facility management service provider offering solutions that incorporate high-end technology to manage your facilities. We serve a range of industries such as healthcare, government, higher education, technology, energy, pharmaceutical, finance, and retail.

Our Integrated Workplace Management System creates space, improves productivity, increases employee retention, and reduces organizational costs.

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