Are you someone who is only now deciding to hop on the social media train? If so, you might be a little confused with all the platforms out there.

For example, you’ve may have heard a lot about Facebook and Instagram. These are the two biggest social media platforms in the world. Digital marketers, influencers, and celebrities have all picked up millions of followers on these platforms.

Are you interested in learning about the differences between Facebook vs. Instagram? Read on to learn more about these two famous social media platforms and how you can build a following on both.

What Is Facebook?

What Is Facebook

Founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, Facebook started as a social network for Zuckerberg and his schoolmates at Harvard. The platform extended its accessibility to anyone over 13 in 2006, and Facebook skyrocketed and became the most popular social media platform in the world.

Eighteen years after its founding, Facebook remains a major success for its ease of use and user-friendly nature. People of different technical backgrounds and age ranges find Facebook to be an easy means of posting photos and life updates. They’ve also benefitted from instant messaging through Messenger, and they’ve enjoyed meeting new people with common interests through Facebook groups.

Businesses have also benefitted from Facebook. Marketers have seen results and gained Facebook followers by taking advantage of Facebook ads. Additionally, the live video feature is a great way of interacting with customers through product demonstrations and Q&A sessions.

What Is Instagram?

Content On Instagram

Instagram has been a big success since its inception. This Instagram guide will help you understand the platform a little bit more.

Instagram started in 2010 and was purchased by Facebook in 2012. Ever since it started, Instagram has mostly been a means of sharing photos and videos. You see the images and videos of those who you follow by searching for them or through a feed on your homepage.

Pictures and videos can be shared on your page permanently, or you can use the stories feature to post a series that will stay up for 24 hours. Nowadays, stories are getting more views than regular posts.

To have success as a marketer or influencer on Instagram, you need to build your amount of followers. You could take the time to do this organically, or you can learn how to buy real Instagram followers. Click to learn more.

Facebook Vs. Instagram

Use Social Media

Now you understand some of the differences between Facebook vs. Instagram. You have a better understanding of how they work, and you have a better understanding of how to build followings on both platforms.

Whether you are in social media marketing or you are seeking to be an influencer, knowing these differences and techniques is a great way to make great use of these popular platforms. Take this information to heart and watch your amount of followers grow.

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