So you’ve decided to market your business on Facebook and want to take advantage of profitable features. With its vast reach, any entrepreneur looking to grow their online presence can’t afford to neglect Facebook.

Want to create engaging Facebook posts? Facebook video marketing capabilities can be beneficial for your business. Many customers prefer watching videos rather than reading long texts.

Facebook is a great place to implement the use of videos for your business.

Here are 9 tried-and-true tips for mastering your Facebook video marketing

1. Tell a Compelling Story

People generally retain more information when it’s paired with a video. Storytelling with a video can make your company appear more human, legit, and memorable.

Make every video memorable and with a narrative hook. Think like a storyteller and aim to improve the relationship between prospects and your business.

Quality storytelling is a great way to increase user engagement. Create ads that draw users in and make them laugh without overtly trying to sell them your products. You can use dynamic expression, colors, and music to express the emotions of what you’re saying.

Also, be authentic. Showcase the personality of your business and coworkers.

2. Educate Your Audience

First, educate yourself about your target audience and what they would want to learn. Then, start to feed them with useful information.

Dig into what their needs are and meet them with a compelling video. Internet users like getting instant solutions and if your video meets their needs, it may take a few minutes to spread all over the internet.

3. Keep Videos Short

In a world where you have less than three seconds to grab a reader’s attention, your videos need to grab their interest immediately. One of the best ways to quickly grab the attention of viewers is by creating curiosity. Give them just enough for them to want to find out more.

You don’t want to create long, drawn-out videos that viewers won’t watch until the end. While there are a few exceptions to the ‘keep it short and sweet’ rule, most users find short Facebook videos really worth watching.

While you can download Facebook videos from the internet, always trim them to the required length. Videos under two minutes tend to be more effective. People are likely to watch them in full and possibly share them.

After two minutes, your engagement level will likely take a sharp drop.

4. Use Great Thumbnails for Your Videos

Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter when it comes to grabbing the attention of Facebook users. In this case, your Facebook video thumbnail has the potential to influence the outcome of your ads campaign.

A thumbnail creates interest in a video, just like a logo design works as a brand identifier. This means picking the wrong image for your Facebook video ads marketing could negatively impact your video ads campaign.

Note that a thumbnail image can affect the CPA; the most engaging graphic or picture usually wins. An enticing thumbnail can attract users, even if your video doesn’t start playing automatically. Consider adding some text on your thumbnail to make it even more convincing.

5. Upload Videos Directly to Facebook

This is an often-overlooked Facebook video marketing tip that needs your attention. Upload your video directly to Facebook instead of sharing it from other social media channels. This is because videos published directly to Facebook feature the right format and are like to attract more attention.

Facebook native videos also come with an auto-play feature. This allows users to view without having to click on play, thus helping your videos receive greater organic reach.

6. Include a Call-to-Action

Facebook’s call-to-action is one of the most useful features for marketing. So don’t skip out on choosing a call-to-action button to be displayed. Facebook includes several call-to-action buttons, like Shop Now, Watch Video, and Sign Up.

The call-to-action buttons let you attract views to a video on your website. The buttons allow you to send prospects to a relevant page on your site where they can buy a product or watch more videos. For videos, you may want to include the “Watch Video” button on your Facebook cover image.

7. Go Live

Facebook allows you to do live videos. Live videos generally hold an audience’s attention for more extended periods. These types of videos can cause an increase in users exploring content on that page.

The general assumption is that businesses that get in front of their audience directly, like Facebook Live, can improve their trust and relatability. Facebook will even record your live video and post it directly to your page immediately the recording session ends.

8. Boost Videos With Ads

If your video teaches or inspires people, you’ll likely get organic traffic. But some ad budgets to the video will increase its viewership.

With millions of hours of video being uploaded daily, your Facebook video can easily get lost in the crowd. The good news is that you can boost the performance of your video by promoting it with a Facebook video ad.

Sponsored videos appear on the newsfeeds of Facebook users that seem like your target audience. This is because Facebook lets you target a specific audience, increasing the likelihood of reaching people who’ll enjoy your post.

The best thing about video marketing for Facebook is that you don’t need lots of experience to see success with ads.

9. Get Your Facebook Page Moving

Consider using a “cover video” on your Facebook business page and not a static image. You can use this to show off your products, promote an upcoming event, or even introduce your business and team authentically.

You can also include text, but keep it visually appealing and remember to keep mobile users in mind. Make sure your video appears well on both mobile and desktop devices. Think about using 640 px wide by 360 px high for mobile devices and 820 px wide by 312 px high for computers.

Start Mastering Facebook Video Marketing for Your Business

Although Facebook video marketing isn’t easy, these tips will help you start on the right path. Keep experimenting and trying out different video styles until you find the right one that works for your brand. Then continue to scale this style and make them into ads.

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