Many people shrink at the thought of having to speak in front of people. Public speaking fears are well documented and plague a huge amount of people around the world. 

But there are some people who not only can tackle this challenge, but thrive in that kind of spotlight. These people have natural charisma and actually enjoy speaking in front of large groups. They can command people to listen simply by flexing their specific set of skills. If you’re one of those people who love the challenge of public speaking and want to take it to the next level, you may want to look into “how to become a TED talk speaker.” With the right training and preparation, anyone can learn to be a confident, compelling public speaker.

Does this sound like you? Then you probably should be putting this special skill to use. After all, there are a huge number of jobs out there that require people with public speaking skills. 

Raising Money for a Good Cause

If there’s one skill that requires a charismatic speaker it’s the art of fundraising. It takes a special skill to get people to turn over their hard earned cash in favor of a greater collective cause. 

Fundraisers organize events and manage campaigns that help raise donations for different organizations. If you’re good with people, this is a people-heavy job and you can put those skills to good use. 

Raising money can take some time getting used to. There’s a salesmanship aspect to the process that requires a good presentation. But you can rest easy and content at night knowing that you are fundraising for worthy and helpful causes. 

Spreading the Good Word About Public Health 

Everyone wants to take good care of themselves, but many people don’t understand how to. That’s why health education is such an essential task. 

Health educators need to be well versed in the art of communication. It can be difficult to convey the more scientific and biological aspects that make up most health conversations. It takes an engaging speaker to get people to engage and understand these health-related matters.

Health educators play an important role in any community. They teach people about behaviors that promote wellness and develop strategies to help better the health of both individuals and communities. They might also collect data and perform important research on the general health of specific communities. 

Helping Others Develop Your Skill

If you’re a natural born public speaker that might be exactly what you’re calling is to do. You can help others learn to speak with the comfort and confidence that you do. 

There are many professionals in all fields who are forced into public speaking despite their discomfort. These people are constantly looking for comfort and guidance throughout this process. A speech coach can help these professionals develop public speaking skills and feel more comfortable when talking to groups or presenting information to an audience. 

Speech coaching is a highly respected and well-paying job. It’s even been portrayed in films like Oscar-winner The King’s Speech. If you have the gift of public speaking, passing that gift back to others can be an amazing way to earn a living. 

Becoming an Educator for the Youth

If you enjoy speaking in front of people there are few jobs that require this task more than that of a teacher. Teachers spend hours a day at the front of the classroom walking young students through a variety of topics.

It can still be nerve-wracking to talk in front of a big group of people, even if they’re half your age (or even younger!). As such, it’s important that teachers are confident and competent public speakers. 

Though many teachers struggle to get the financial support they deserve, there’s little more rewarding than ushering impressionable young people towards knowledge and a brighter future. The payoff of the job in terms of emotion and fulfillment is hard to beat. 

The World Can Be Your Stage

Those with a knack for public speaking might want to elevate that skills and become a totally different person in front of a crowd. Isn’t that what acting is? Public speaking plus a game of pretend. 

Actors express ideas and explore the human condition by portraying characters across various mediums. Actors work in film, on stage, in television, and online. They also work in less commonly thought of areas like theme parks and during live events. 

The life of an actor can be a struggle financially, with much competition out there. But there’s little more rewarding if you truly love the art of it. 

News Anchor

Another position that requires a steady and consistent handle on public speaking is the talking heads we see when we turn on the television. We often forget how hard it can be to deliver the news each day with the poise and ease that many news anchors do. 

These hard-working anchors deliver the day’s news to thousands or even millions of people at a time. Even though these people aren’t in the room, this can be quite a nervewracking task! Their delivery needs to be accurate, presentable, and concise.

Not an easy task when you’re tackling everything from traffic to the President’s twitter account! If you feel comfortable speaking to a crowd and in front of the camera, a new anchor position might be the right spot for you. 

Public Speaking Jobs for Natural Speakers

If you feel comfortable speaking in front of crowds, you already have a skill that’s been deemed desirable by millions. There are a number of public speaking jobs that can be a perfect fit for natural conversationalists. You just have to find the right one for you. 

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