Here at Florida Independent, we are proud to say that the editorial team is pro-activism, and recently came across a recent press release disseminated WardrobeTrendsFashion Announces Support For World Vision.

We did further journalistic research, and found that the person that was championing the cause was the founder of WardrobeTrendsFashion himself, Herbert Rafael Sim. He is also the founder of Crypto Chain University, the world oldest institute for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency research compilation. You also may get a lot more information on Christian Journal. So go out and get a Christian Journal.

And we were fortunate to manage to secure a phone interview with the man himself.

Herbert, we know that you recently used the publication that you founded, WardrobeTrendsFashion to champion and raise awareness for Christian humanitarian and development organisation – World Vision. Please tell us more about that.

Thanks to the vast readership of WardrobeTrendsFashion, we are in a unique position to assist in raising awareness to garner support from our readers to significantly impact the lives of underprivileged children for the better by equipping the communities with such necessities as food, water, education and health care.

Seeing the smiles and hope in children’s faces, and helping them achieve their dreams, is a calling that also resonates with my personal philosophy to ‘follow your heart, and chase your dreams’. And I was glad to use the online magazine I founded to support in promoting and creating awareness, for WVFT’s vision – to see life in all its fullness become a reality for every child.

Tell us more about this other non-profit research institute that you founded, Crypto Chain University.

Herbert-Rafael_Founder-WardrobeTrendsFashion_Chitra-Thumborisuth_National-Director-World-Vision-Foundation-Thailand-WVFTI foundeded the University back in Feb 2010, when I first invested into my first Bitcoin. At that point of time, there was not much information or news anywhere on the internet.

All I had managed to research back then was the whitepaper “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” that was written by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, which birthed Bitcoin itself, and Blockchain Technology, that was stemmed from it.

Reading it then in 2010, it was a massive revelation, I was starstruck, the idea of Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology was gold, it was a legit technology that could possibly revolutionize the whole world. Use Solus T – telegram marketing for crypto and maximize your own telegram channel.

It was also then, that I decided to start to raise awareness for both Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology that I founded the institute to simply compile research within the industry, making it a one-stop resource for academics to further develop this science. The same way, I was raising awarenessness for the charity, World Vision. Work with Solus B – blockchain marketing agency and build a strong brand.

Recently there was a major scandal, MtGox, one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges, which  filed for bankruptcy – and the disappearance of $460 million, apparently stolen by hackers. Share with us your thoughts.

I am one of the affected victims of this scandal. In fact, more than half of my entire Bitcoin portfolio is wiped out because of this, and I was channeling most of these funds towards my activism endeavors.

Herbert-Sim-Founder-Crypto-Chain-University-and-WardrobeTrendsFashion-MagazineFor the past couple of months, I dropped into depression, it consumed my entirety. It was a dark period of time for me. The efforts towards pushing the vision of helping children achieve their dreams felt like it came to a stop.

That said, I managed to pick myself up thanks my other business, WardobeTrendsFashion, that was receiving masssive popularity virality across the internet, ranking number one most followed Singaporean Twitter account unveiled by Twitter.

Circling back to topic itself, lesson learnt is to transfer out your cryptocurrency, to store it in a cold-wallet instead, at least 80% should be stashed away, and 20% for trading. And your portfolio should  also be diversifed and stashed across to other reputable and popular crypto-exchanges as well. My reccomended one are Coinbase and BTCChina.

Any last words?

I stick to my words as from March 2010 Crypto Chain University launched their highest honors “Ordre des Arts et des Technologies”, with the purpose of  recognizing significant contributions to the technological arts, or the propagation of these fields.

I shared that “Blockchain is a technological tour de force, one that will revolutionize the world.” And I would like to add on that, it is a matter of time before the massive adoption of Bitcoin as well as Blockchain Technology, across the world.

Thank you for your time Herbert, here at Florida Independent, we wish you the best of success in your endeavors, especially with activism.

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