Calgary is well known for being a fun and interesting hotspot for anyone who wants to have a good balance between fun outdoorsy lifestyles and city living. If you are bored with your present lifestyle it’s the best time for moving to Calgary.

Whether you’re interested in the city for its sports teams, or you’re curious about what type of life you could lead here: this is everything you should know before moving to Calgary!

This city has a lot to offer; this just scratches the surface.

Here are Few Things Need to Know for Moving to Calgary


The Culture

There are plenty of jokes that Alberta is the Texas of the north, and they’re not wrong! This province understands the importance of having a personality and sticking to fun traditions. The culture in Calgary takes this further by offering some southern hospitality and comfort to anyone who passes through the city. The people in Calgary are friendlier on average, as long as you’re not on an opposing team’s side!

Housing Costs

If youโ€™re bracing for a high cost of living, youโ€™ll be pleasantly surprised! The average home for sale in Calgary sits at around $500,000- which is $200,000 cheaper than the national average!ย  Calgary homes for sale are often larger and newer than the national average as well.

The average apartment in Toronto can cost over a thousand dollars for the bare minimum of one bedroom. Of course, if you need more space than this, the price can quickly increase, but there’s no truly cheap housing within city limits.

House Cost

The Entertainment

If you’re worried about getting bored: it’s impossible when you are moving to Calgary. Nonstop music events, constant sports, and other incredible fun ensure that it’s there to entertain. However, if you get bored of city life and need an out, Calgary is surprisingly close to Banff: a skiing park where you can let go of stress and enjoy the beautiful views and activities.

The Transit

Toronto can be expensive to get around. This city is sprawling, meaning that it takes up a lot of real estates and doesn’t leave many routes for quick public transit. It’s a better idea to drive in moving to Calgary since this means that you can shave hours off of your transit time and can be a lot more reliable than hoping you’ll take the bus. If you can bike, you can save a lot of money on transit and time while still getting in your physical activity for the day!


The Stampede

There’s no mentioning Calgary without mentioning the rodeo and Stampede! This long-lived tradition is a major part of the local identity. Not only are there fun shows like classic rodeo games and farmer events: there’s also a huge number of live performances and concerts and many different ways to enjoy yourself while taking in the local energy. Many dresses up in cliche cowboy outfits for this rodeo, and although it’s overboard and silly, it’s also a lot of fun for everyone involved!

Calgary is a city of nonstop surprises and changes around every corner. So if you visit and get to know the locals, don’t be surprised at how much they have to offer! Nonstop fun, intrigue, and music ensure that moving to Calgary never gets boring.

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