The farmhouse decor trend is everywhere, from home decorating, to event space themes. If you’re looking for a unique decor theme that is modern and in high demand, a farmhouse event space is the way to go.

Stand out from your competition with these awesome farmhouse event space ideas that are sure to wow.

Mix rustic with elevated timelessness using these tips and tricks

Endless Color Scheme Possibilities

The farmhouse decor option allows for a relaxed rustic feel that is flexible, as you can make it as elevated and opulent as you wish. There are so many decor options with this event theme. Draping, string lighting, and greenery work well in this decor theme, as they seem natural but provide aesthetically pleasing details.

This is a great event theme for someone who likes a neutral setting, but it also allows for colorful additions. With a neutral and woodsy backdrop, you can add tons of colors with decor, from florals to fabrics.

Rich pinks work well to contrast this otherwise neutral decor option. Summery floral details and linens can be a great way to add color and print to your tabletops while still incorporating a natural theme. This can also add warmth, allowing for a comfortable and homey atmosphere.

Adding abundant florals and foliage will allow this theme to come alive, as you bring the outdoors into your indoor event space.

Go Rustic

For someone who wants to go all out with a farmhouse themed event, there are tons of possibilities that can make this theme rustic without going overboard. Utilize this rustic theme past the decor, and think about making the necessities rustic as well. This will help tie the event theme together for a seamless and cohesive appearance.

For example, turn the event bar rustic by making a barrel bar. You can do this by topping old wine barrels with a wooden board. You can then accent this area with dried flowers or wheat, completing the area with chalkboard signs displaying drink options.

Continue this concept by making wine cork place cardholders. This is an affordable and easy option. Simply make a slit in each cork to slip your name cards in for personalized and organized seating that appears laid back and inviting.

Details such as wooden or antique metal lanterns offer great table lighting. Use candles to illuminate these spaces while keeping a subtle ambiance. Slabs of bark and wood can be great platforms to set on farm tables for lighting as well as greenery.

Can’t Go Wrong With the Farmhouse Event Space Theme

Are you hoping to offer an inviting and unique event space option that is extremely popular? The farmhouse decor option is a great way to offer an event theme that is trending and super versatile. Wow your clients with an event concept that works for weddings, parties and so much more by planning your farmhouse decor and design today!

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