COVID-19 changed the party and event planning industry in 2020. Despite the drop in revenue, the industry made some adjustments. They tried to bring events online.

It’s not the same, though. People report experiencing Zoom burnout, where they’re drained from being in meetings all day.

The good news is that there are vaccines on the horizon. Event and party planners feel confident that the vaccines open the doors to in-person events soon. If you’re planning an in-person party or event, you need to start planning now.

Take a look at these creative event planning ideas that are sure to make your event unforgettable.

1. Pick a Fun Theme

Pick a Fun Theme

Your event or party has to have a unifying theme. You then base all of your other event decisions around the theme.

For example, if your event’s theme is the Olympic games, the activities can be backyard events and games. Your decorations, food, and drinks will tie into the Olympic theme.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when choosing your event theme. You have to consider the goal of the event.

Some themes should be timely. You wouldn’t pick an Olympic theme in an off-year.

You have to consider the audience. Is it an uptight, professional audience? Then a fun theme might not work. A party for kids can have a totally different theme based on an activity or cartoon character.

Your theme should take your event budget and the time of year into consideration as well.

2. Utilize Outdoor Space

Utilize Outdoor Space

If you want to keep your guests safe in these challenging times, you want to utilize outdoor space as much as possible. This winter is a long one for many, and any opportunity to be outside is a welcome one.

A private outdoor movie screening is the perfect way to end the event and enjoy the outdoors. You can even make screening the centerpiece of the event to screen sports events. It’s easy to rent an outdoor movie projector to make it happen.

What else can you do outdoors? If you’re planning a networking event, you can set up high tables and chairs that give attendees a chance to set things down and talk.

3. Give Attendees Something to Go Home With

Give Attendees Something to Go Home With

You want to create an event that stays with attendees. You can have them go home with something that will always remind them of your event.

A great way to do that is to have an activity where attendees make something to take home. They can learn something at the same time. An event planning activity lets them get a little dirty and they have a plant to take home.

Unforgettable Event Planning Ideas

Whether you’re having a socially distanced event or you’re waiting until it’s safe to get together again, it’s time to start planning your next big event.

The event planning ideas listed there make you think about the attendees of the event. You want to make sure that the theme you choose appeals to them. You also want to have fun activities and take advantage of the outdoors.

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