As the fight over Florida pastor Terry Jones’s crusade against Islam carries on in court, at least one barometer has surfaced that provides a sign of just how objectionable Jones is to people across the political spectrum. Earlier this week, Reddit users discovered a series of press releases from the Ku Klux Klan denouncing Florida pastor Terry Jones for his “ignorant,” “despicable” and “un-American” burning of the Koran.

The discovery has gotten a good deal of attention around the Internet since it hit the web Monday night.

The press releases, perhaps unsurprisingly, condemn Westboro Baptist Church for protesting military funerals — but hail its anti-gay rhetoric — and seemingly take on the tea party for actually being too liberal. But the statement on Terry Jones sides with a great many people with more mainstream views than those of the Klan:

Florida Pastor Terry Jones said members of his Dove World Outreach Center believe “Islam is of the devil.” He has invited those who feel the same to gather at his church for what he is calling “International Burn a Koran Day.” The Gainesville, Fla. church plans to burn the Islamic holy book on 9/11. It is our opinion that such an act is completely UNACCEPTABLE; it is despicable, and un-American.

There are without doubt Islamic sects that teach extreme views of Islam but, going down to their level of hatred by burning their books is a dangerous and ignorant way to confront their teachings. The flames made by such unholy fires never die out! The Ku Klux Klan, LLC. opposes this most un-American thinking and activity.

Still, the tea party comments were vague and the Terry Jones statement hadn’t been updated since August, when Jones’ plan for the Koran was just an idle threat. So The American Independent called the Ku Klux Klan to find out more.

The Independent’s call to the Klan was originally screened by way of a message that stated helpfully that “the person that gave you this number just might be a klansman.” The Independent was eventually directed to Travis Pierce, the national membership director of the Ku Klux Klan.

On Terry Jones, Pierce said, “I think his actions speak for themselves. People have died because of exactly what he’s doing. This is a fire that keeps going.“

He called Jones’ continued advocacy of Quran-burning in the face of Jones-sparked mob violence in Afghanistan resulting in the deaths of at least 20 U.N. workers “mind-boggling.” When we questioned him on the irony of his organization deploring violence, Pierce said that the KKK no longer advocates “breaking heads.”

“We understand that violence is not productive,” he said. “It doesn’t achieve our goals. We are even now in the process of hiring attorneys so that we can take our issues to the various federal districts.”

On the tea party, Pierce had this to say: “It’s phony. It’s a distraction. The Republican Party was in serious trouble and they got this outside pressure group and brought it to bear against the Republican Party. The Republican Party folded in on itself, and the American people unfortunately see motion or activity as progress. It’s ridiculous that people are going for it.”

In a more politically correct version of the Klan’s historical values, Pierce said the KKK objects to American politics in all its forms and that even the tea party is failing to address the “special rights and privileges” his organization believes are now afforded to minority groups.

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