Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but societal standards definitely indicate a certain ideal. In trying to reach this version of perfection, many people reach toward a dedicated beauty regimen, whether that’s a skincare routine, spa day, or taking daily vitamins. However, you don’t necessarily need dozens of different items to do any one task. As you enhance the most beautiful version of yourself, you really only need four main essentials for a particular goal.

1. The Best Tools for a Job

Best Tools for a Job

Depending on your beauty goals, the exact tool you need may vary. However, one thing remains the same throughout any niche—if you want beautiful results, you need to have the best products possible. For example, maybe your top beauty goal, at the moment, is repairing your brittle nails. A high-quality nail kit, like the one designed by TrySprig, can help you do just that. Complete with a nail shaper, nail buffer, cuticle treatment, and more, you’ll be able to perfect your at-home manicures and pedicures while repairing nail damage and restoring their natural shine and overall health. In this way, your natural nails get a chance to shine in their best role yet—that of healthy nails on a beautiful human.

2. Proper Nutrition

Proper Nutrition

For most people, eating well is a great way to keep their body fueled with all the vitamins and nutrients they need. In some cases, though, a nutrient deficiency could cause you to struggle with beauty concepts such as nail care. In that example specifically, a lack of biotin or common antioxidants like vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E could be behind your less-than-perfect nails. If you suspect a deficiency, be sure to consult your doctor before adding any supplements to your existing beauty regimen. With their go-ahead, though, you can choose the right vitamin or supplement and have another indispensable essential as part of your daily routine.

3. Regular Salon Visits

Regular Salon Visits

There’s a lot you can do at home in terms of beauty, but for the best results, you do need to visit the salon. Like your doctor can guide you to the right supplements, your stylist can help you find the best products, tools, and methods to use on your hair and nails. Similarly, an esthetician can offer their professional opinions on what skincare products or treatments would be a particularly good fit for your skin type and general beauty goals. Whether you’re working toward healthier nails, clearer skin, or shinier hair, these professional opinions are invaluable, so take advantage of them whenever you can.

4. Beautiful Habits

Beautiful Habits

There’s a reason that the viral #ThatGirl morning routine includes steps like sipping lemon water, eating a healthy breakfast, and fitting in a workout. Taking care of yourself is an absolutely vital component of any beauty regimen, regardless of your goals! Challenge yourself to add a new healthy habit to your routine once a week (or whatever interval makes sense to you) and slowly work toward an ideal balance of eating right, exercising, and staying hydrated—your beauty routine will thank you.

These Are Four Beauty Regimen

From reviving weak nails to getting clear skin, we all have beauty goals that we aim to reach through daily (or ”almost daily”) regimens. Whatever your particular goal may be, keep these four must-haves on hand. The right tools for your goal are essential, and a qualified professional can help you decide just what those are. At the same time, though, remember that beauty is more than skin-deep—we still need to take care of ourselves from the inside. By adding any necessary vitamins and healthy habits like drinking more water, you’ll meet your beauty goals and feel like your most beautiful self in no time.

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