Are you heading on a trip soon but dreading packing your bags? Packing can be stressful, especially if you’re worried about forgetting something important.

Whether you’re checking your bag or bringing a carry-on, pick up some expert travel tips by reading below.

We tell you the most effective ways to pack your suitcase and save on space. Learn useful tricks to make traveling easier so you can focus on enjoying your vacation.

Make a Packing List

Making a list is the best way to make sure you don’t forget anything. Use paper or your phone to jot down items a few days before you pack. This way, you’ll have a list of the items you use every day and those you need to remember.

If you need some ideas to get started, there are printable checklists online you can use.

Roll Your Clothes

When packing for vacation, learning how to Army roll your clothes saves precious space in your suitcase. You can roll everything from your shirts to your jackets this way.

Items like winter jackets and sweaters take up tons of room in your suitcase. But by rolling these items, you can pack a lot more in your bag.

Bring Important Items in Your Carry On

Always pack your prescriptions, important documents, and valuables in your carry-on bag. This includes delicate electronics as well such as laptops and tablets. This way, if your luggage gets lost or damaged you have the important items with you.

You also might want to toss a change of clothes in there to be safe.

Use a Plastic Bag for Dirty Clothes

Bring a plastic bag along for your dirty clothes. This allows you to keep your dirty clothes separate from your clean ones in your bag. It also makes laundry easier on your trip.

Divide Your Suitcase with Storage Cubes

Packing cubes divide your belongings to make packing easier. These dividers are color coded so you know what goes where.

As a bonus, some storage cubes compress your clothes, allowing for more space in your luggage.

Customize Your Bag

You want your bag to stand out so that you can find it at the baggage claim.

Using customized luggage handle wraps is a great way to spot your bag and avoid any accidental mix-ups. They also add extra cushion and make it easier to lift your suitcase.

Use Travel-Sized Items

One of the most important tips for packing is to know the 3-1-1 rule on liquids. TSA allows one quart-sized clear bag of liquids 3.4 ounces or less.

Travel-sized items meet these requirements and take up less space. You can still pack larger liquids in your checked luggage.

Some items, like vapes and e-liquids, have special rules to follow.

Wear Bulky Clothes on the Plane

When traveling on vacation, wear sweaters and jackets on the plane to save space in your bag. These items add bulk and weight to your luggage, so wear them on your trip to make vacation packing easier.

Stick to the Essentials

To avoid overpacking, stick to the essentials. Check the weather beforehand and dress accordingly.

Remember, you can always go shopping to pick up a rain poncho or an extra sweater if you need it during your trip.

Bon Voyage! Enjoy Your Trip

Now that you know these packing tips and travel hacks, you can pack your bags like an expert traveler.

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