At a glance, a passing hailstorm might seem like a minor incident. However, hail is one of the leading causes of roof damage in the United States.

Last year, a full 40% of all home insurance claims made in America were related to damage caused by wind and hail.

Roof hail damage can initially be tricky to spot, which is what makes it so dangerous. If left unchecked, initial damage from a hailstorm can weaken the integrity of the roof structure, leading to major holes and possibly eventual collapse.

That’s why being able to identify roof damage from hail as soon as it occurs is absolutely essential.

Here are the top five telltale signs of roof hail damage

1. Roof Hail Damage to Gutters

The first place you should look if you’re worried about hail damage to roof structures is your gutters.

Roof gutters tend to be very hardy, so any damage to these that is visible after a hailstorm should indicate that your roof has taken a serious beating.

Examine your roof gutters to see if you can spot dents on the gutters or gutter screens. Also, make sure to keep an eye out for downspout damage.

If these are visible, it is probably time to call a roof hail damage expert to come and conduct a proper inspection.

2. Exposed Roofing

If you’re wondering “what does hail damage look like on a roof?”, one of the main answers is that it looks like a lot of holes.

If you notice that shingles are missing or that parts of the roof structure are exposed following a hailstorm, it is likely that critical damage has occurred.

You don’t even need to climb onto your roof to check for this. Simply search around on your property to see if you can spot pieces of dislodged asphalt shingles.

3. Soft Spots on Your Roof

If you’re willing to climb onto your roof and inspect things up close and personal, then you should definitely be on the lookout for soft spots.

Run your hand across parts of your roof that you suspect have been damaged.

If any part of the roof feels soft, like the skin of a ripe apple, then it is very likely that you have suffered serious roof damage that needs to be repaired immediately.

4. Telltale Shingle Damage

Hail damage to shingles comes in many forms, so it is important that you know exactly what you’re looking for.

The first thing you should be checking for is dislodged or out-of-place shingles. Also, pay close attention to whether or not any shingles have incurred cracks or tears.

Impact marks or dents are also common telltale signs of roof damage to shingles, as are bruises to the shingles, that often look like small, black spots.

5. Damage to Other Areas of the Property

Finally, you can check for roof damage caused by hail by simply surveying the rest of your property. Any hail damage to your roof will likely be reflected in other parts of your home.

Check your fences to see if they have received damage from your last hailstorm. See if the exterior paint on your house has been stripped back from hail impact.

Definitely check to see if your roof vents have sustained dents or holes. If you find any of these things, it is likely that your roof has hail damage.

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When you have sustained roof hail damage, you will need to call your insurance. To find out more about the home insurance market in America today, make sure to consult our detailed product reviews to find the right provider for you.

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