Although most dentists continue to work from a single, fully equipped office, there are many reasons to consider whether it would be worthwhile investing in the equipment needed to create a mobile dental clinic.

A portable dental unit allows a dentist to work in multiple locations, without the need to buy and install a permanent set-up in each one, which would then remain unused for periods of time.  Physicians, senior care homes, or community centers are all facilities that may find it useful to offer dental services on their premises, on a regular, but not full-time basis. In rural settings where patients may otherwise need to travel long distances for check-ups and treatments, or where there are groups of people with limited mobility, a portable clinic can be a valuable service, and a profitable option.

What kind of equipment is needed to set up a portal dental unit. When considering what to buy, keep in mind four important considerations.

First – the type of vehicle you’ll be using to transport it. You’ll need to ensure you have enough space to store everything you’re going to use.

Second: the weight of the items you select. While individual pieces may be easy to carry, think of the combined weight you’ll be lifting and carrying regularly. Choose high-quality items made from lightweight materials.

Third: consider the size of the items and how easy it will be to get them in and out of your vehicle, as well as through doors and up staircases in the locations where you’ll be working.

The fourth consideration is, of course, how much you can invest.  It is a mistake to skimp on quality as well-made, equipment is far more pleasant to work with and will allow you to offer a wider range of services.  Imagine the impact that a rickety dental chair would make on the confidence of your patients.  In addition, designed -for-purpose portable equipment will last longer and is less likely to be damaged in transit.

Which items are essential to create a mobile dental clinic?

Stools: essential for you to be able to move freely and comfortably

Portable lights: as you can’t guarantee that you’ll have optimal lighting, it’s wise to invest in at least one LED floor light. If space in your vehicle is at a premium, opt for a wireless LED surgical headlight.

Folding dental chair: choose a model which combines the greatest degree of comfort with a lightweight frame, and a carrying case for ease of transportation.

Dental delivery unit:  the model you choose will depend on the type of services you want to offer. They can vary from a briefcase-sized unit weighing 16lbs to a full-scale version with a trolley weighing 90lbs +.

X-ray equipment: as x-rays are an essential part of your diagnostics, any mobile dental service will need to be able to transport and set it up quickly and easily. Either go with a floor-standing model or select one of the many hand-held portable devices on the market.

These bare essentials required to create a portable dental clinic will represent a substantial investment, but allow you the flexibility to discover new revenue-generating opportunities while offering a valuable and professional service to your patients.

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