Thanksgiving 2019 has come and gone, the weather keeps getting colder, and you’ve just turned to the December month on your schedule.

‘Tis the season to put up the holiday decorations, warm up the fireplace, and light those amazing candles that you look forward to all year.

Funny how some candle scents can be the difference-maker in your house. They can be the leading factor in getting you in the mood for the holidays.

Regardless of what holidays you celebrate, there are certain candle scents you have to try for this time of year. Here are ten must-have candles for the month of December!

1. Crushed Candy Cane – Voluspa

Burning candles

Few things remind you more of the holidays than the smell of a shepherd-hooked candy cane. Many family traditions involve hanging them around the home or on the Christmas tree.

Even if you don’t particularly enjoy eating them and getting your hands sticky, you can’t deny that the smell is refreshing and delicious!

Get the crushed candy cane scent by Voluspa and fill your entire home with the smell of a crisp and minty aroma.

2. Holiday Luxury Candle – Sephora

Perhaps your preferred candle scents involve a bit of complication to them. The more individualistic the aroma, the better.

Some of the best Fall candles and best holiday candles offer a beautiful blend of scents, rather than one predominant one.

This holiday luxury candle by Sephora includes notes of mandarin oranges, pine, cinnamon, and vanilla… does that sound heavenly or what?

3. Home for the Holidays – Yankee Candle

Since you’re planning on being home for the holidays, or at least a majority of them, you should grab this scent!

The home for the holiday’s candle by Yankee Candle includes notes of cinnamon and clove along with cedarwood.

That gives it a beautiful blend of both sweet and earthy scents that perfectly complement each other. While the scent won’t overpower the room, you’ll still catch healthy whiffs of it every few minutes!

4. Balsam and Eucalyptus – Paddywax

Maybe you’re the type that enjoys holiday scents, and wants them in your house, but not at the expense of an everyday smell.

Perhaps you’re looking to stock up on a candle that you can burn several of far past the holiday season.

Whatever the case might be, this balsam and eucalyptus candle by Paddywax is a perfect fit. It includes notes of pine needles which will give you the holiday scent you’re looking for.

However, pine can be a useful scent for any time of the year. Making it the perfect blend of holiday and everyday use!

5. Holiday Classic – Ralph Lauren

Holiday Classic

Who doesn’t love to try a brand-name candle every once and a while, just to see what that brand is capable of?

You trust Ralph Lauren with all your colognes and perfumes, why wouldn’t you light the occasional RL candle as well?

Their holiday classic candle includes scents of evergreen and juniper berry. It will make you feel as if you’re hugging a tree nose-first.

6. Gingerbread House – Winding Wick Candles

If you have kids then you’ve probably partaken in building a gingerbread house or two during your tenure as a parent.

While the mess can be both fun and stressful, there’s one thing that’s always enjoyable: the scent of it.

Thanks to the gingerbread house candle by Winding Wick, you can finally enjoy that smell without frosting being spread across your kitchen table. You’ll catch notes of cinnamon and graham crackers that will fill the room all December long!

7. Hot Cocoa and Cream – Bath & Body Works

Seriously… is there anything that Bath & Body Works can’t do?

People flock to their local B&BW store every Black Friday for two reasons: the amazing deals and to stock up on holiday candles.

With candles such as their hot cocoa and cream candles, it’s easy to see why. This candle infuses scents of milk chocolate and marshmallows with essential oils to give a scent that isn’t just sweet… it’s soothing.

Not only does this candle make a great holiday candle, but it also makes for a great holiday gift. Hot chocolate is a scent that makes people happy all winter long!

8. Holiday – Homesick

Some of your greatest holiday memories could be associated with the blending of a few key scents.

For example, your Grandma may have always had a pine-scented candle going for the holidays while she popped the cookies out of the oven. Now you have a fondness for pine and cookie scents being blended together.

If so, the holiday candle by Homesick fuses both pine and cookies into the candle for over 80-hours of burn time.

This small candle packs a big punch and soothing smell that will keep you satisfied for the entirety of the holidays.

9. Seasons Greetings – Cobblestone Candle

For all of you out there that are looking for a sweet-yet-piney-smelling candle, look no further. The season’s greetings candle by Cobblestone Candle is perfect for you.

This three-wick candle mixes balsam and pine with a soy blend candle to give a healthy scent to your home.

You’ll feel as if you’re walking through aisles of Christmas trees while holding a cookie in your hand.

10. Portable Fireplace – D.S. & Durga

Maybe you’d love to burn wood in your fireplace, but there’s only one problem… you don’t have a fireplace.

Not to worry, D.S. & Durga has you covered with a portable fireplace candle to light the holiday spirits.

Notes of cedar, smoke, and birch help capture the amazing aromas that are always attached to thinking of a warm and cozy fireplace.

Scents that Fit Your Preference

Find the Candle Scents that Fit Your Preference

Everyone has different smells that they associate with the holiday season. Figure out what those are to you specifically and find the best candle scents to fit them.

Lighting candles will help you and your family get into the spirit of the holidays in no time!

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