How does an hour of teamwork, communication, and outside-the-box thinking sound?

If you’re up for a new 60-minute adventure, you need to try an escape room. They’re a live-action puzzle challenge that tests your critical and lateral thinking skills. You’ll leave either feeling like a total champion or a complete ding-dong.

With over 2,800 worldwide, chances are there’s one near you. Make a booking and then prepare for your first great escape. Go in with the know-how of how to escape an escape room.

Keep reading to find our escape room tips to help you become a champion

Check Everywhere

Game creators get very creative about where they’re going to hide the clues. Sometimes they’re in plain sight. Other times, you need to get down on your hands and knees and inspect everything.

Seventy-eight percent of escape rooms require players to search for hidden physical objects. Your whole team should do a thorough search of the place for hints and puzzles first. Check under rugs, desks, and pull out drawers.

Be respectful, though. Do not use brute force to open doors or drawers that aren’t easily opening. You’ll be given access when you’ve found the key or button to open them.


Communicating with your teammates is one of our top tips for escape rooms. As you’re searching the room solo, talk aloud about what you’re finding.

It’s especially important to communicate if you’re working with a big group of 6+ people. Sometimes teammates will be working on a puzzle that someone else in their group has already solved.

As soon as you enter the room, get to work looking for potential puzzles. Yell to your teammates what you’re seeing.

“Here’s a lock!” “I found a set of numbers under this drawer!”

If everyone on the team is on the same page, you’ll be more likely to succeed.

Listen to the Backstory

Listening is one of the easiest escape room tricks that can help you succeed. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a horror or motion escape room, you need to be all ears.

Before you even enter the escape room, your gamemaster will debrief you. They’ll give you the backstory of the room and some critical tips for success.

The backstory isn’t there just to set the mood. Listen very carefully. You never know what clues you’ve been given before you step foot in the room.

Use Your Hints

Don’t be ashamed to ask for a clue if you’re stuck. If you’re serious about succeeding, you ‘ll need to swallow your pride.

Your gamemaster will tell you at the start of the game how many hints your team will get. Use your clues wisely, and don’t be too proud to admit you need help. The puzzles are challenging for a reason, and the escape room hints are there to help you escape.

If your team is stuck for more than five or ten minutes on a puzzle, get a clue.

Get Out With Our Escape Room Tips

You’ll be a real escape artist with our handy escape room tips at your disposal. Grab your colleagues or your spouse and book one today. Don’t forget to share our escape room tips and tricks with them first.

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