Do you remember the last time you visited the maintenance room of your business? If not, you might be making mistakes when it comes to equipment maintenance.

When applied and improved upon, regular maintenance can help avoid future maintenance problems and potential disturbances to production. When you don’t maintain your machines, you may see errors or bugs in your system.

In this article, we’ll explain some common errors in equipment maintenance to avoid. Read on to find out how these errors can disrupt operations or devastate your bottom line.

1. Overlooking User Manuals

Equipment Maintenance

The user manual is the most important piece of the puzzle for proper maintenance and repairs. The manual outlines specific steps to be taken to ensure the equipment is running optimally and safely. Without the equipment manual, the incorrect parts may be used resulting in a faulty system.

The manual also instructs when service intervals need to be kept. This is to prevent future problems. Furthermore, the manual outlines specific troubleshooting methods. This of which guide operators in diagnosing any existing problems with the equipment.

2. Neglecting Regular Maintenance

Failing to adequately follow an equipment maintenance routine is one of the most common errors businesses make. Neglecting regular maintenance can lead to:

  • inefficient operation
  • decreased productivity
  • increased repair costs
  • reduced worker safety

Regular maintenance is essential for maximizing the lifespan of the equipment. This helps keep it running safely and productively. It is important to establish and follow a schedule for preventive maintenance and to address any issues that occur between planned maintenance sessions.

3. Failure in Assessing Employee Responsibility

Equipment Maintenance

Failing to assess employee responsibility can lead to equipment malfunctions and costly repairs. This of which can impact your business’s bottom line. It is crucial to involve employees in all aspects of the maintenance and repair process.

This includes monitoring the equipment’s performance and making sure that any malfunctions or repairs are reported to the management. A clear chain of command should be established to prevent miscommunication.

This can ensure that employees know who is ultimately responsible for each aspect of the maintenance process.

4. Not Taking Advantage of Training Resources

Failing to properly train employees on how to operate and maintain the equipment can lead to:

  • costly repair costs
  • delayed delivery times
  • unhappy customers

Businesses must take advantage of any training resources available to keep their equipment running smoothly. Unfamiliarity with the proper use of the machine can lead to short-term and long-term harm to the machine, such as stress corrosion or bearing wear.

5. Making Multitasking Common in the Workplace

Equipment Maintenance

All tasks that are to be done simultaneously should be planned with the use of a task-monitoring system to help prevent errors due to multitasking. Not only that, but it is also important to have regular equipment inspections for the machinery used in the workplace for signs of wear and tear which can contribute to malfunctions and problems.

Keeping these tips in mind is sure to ensure that the workplace runs smoothly and avoids any costly errors in equipment maintenance related to multitasking. If you see these gearboxes, for example, you’ll find how well the equipment is maintained and put to use in production.

Avoid Errors in Equipment Maintenance

Errors in equipment maintenance are an expensive and preventable source of downtime. Properly appropriately planned, documented and tracked maintenance is one of the best ways to prevent these errors.

Invest in routine maintenance and monitoring to ensure your equipment and processes are safe and reliable. Call an expert now to schedule efficient, effective, and error-free operations!

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