When it comes to erectile dysfunction pills, Viagra may be the most well known, but did you know that Cialis is actually more popular?

Beyond that, Viagra and Cialis aren’t the only two erectile dysfunction medications.

Finding which treatment is best for you means understanding what your options are.

Read our quick summary to decide which option can work best for you!

Erectile Dysfunction Medications

The first thing many people want to know is which drug for erectile dysfunction (ED) is the safest.

While there are some side effects like headaches, congestion, and minor things like that, all FDA approved ED pills are essentially safe. Viagra and pills like Viagra such as Cialis or Levitra can all be taken with a minimum of worry.

(Note: Do not take ED pills while also taking nitroglycerin. It is always best to check with a doctor before starting any new pill regimen.)

If erectile dysfunction drugs are the same as far as safety goes, how else are they the same?

ED drugs all take about the same amount of time to take effect in the body: 60 minutes.

On top of that, ED drugs are also similar in that they do not cause accidental or “surprise” erections. They help men who want erections to have them at the appropriate time.

ED drugs can also be taken flexibly, with or without food. They all share roughly similar effectiveness rates, between 50% and 85%, and that difference comes down to who you ask, not which drug you take.

Differences Between Medications

Viagra is the most famous ED pill and has gone generic, meaning you can obtain it at much cheaper prices than in the past. Still a favorite of many, there’s a reason this pill is world-famous.

Viagra is known to function for about four hours or so, which is very different from Cialis.

Cialis is the lesser-known, but better, approved ED pill. It functions for a full 36 hours. This is a bigger advantage than it seems at first!

Because Cialis functions for so long, it allows sex to be more spontaneous. After taking Viagra, you either have to have sex within the next few hours or let it go to waste. On Cialis, you can take the pill and be ready for sex anytime in the next 36 hours.

Men and women both rate Cialis as preferable to both Levitra and Viagra.

Levitra is another ED drug option but is more expensive. It doesn’t have any special benefits, but it’s an option if Viagra and Cialis have already failed you.

You can read more here to learn about the differences between ED drugs. Everyone’s analysis is different, but you might start with Cialis, and then move to Viagra, and then Levitra if it’s not working.

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