Getting your children outside in the fresh air and sunshine is always the first healthy choice. While it’s always advisable to avoid TVs and screen time, oftentimes, children will opt to stay inside when you’d rather they play outside.

While it’s hard to argue with technology, there are plenty of entertaining family activities to do at home. Whether you have plenty of space or are trying to find fun things to do as a family, we’ve got you covered. These are fun family activities you’ll never forget.

Read on for some of the best family activities to do at home.

1. Game Nights

family activities to do at home

Playing games can help families bond, break the ice, and be creative. Board games, puzzles, and card games are fun to play together as a family and allow everyone to spend quality time with each other. Choosing a jigsaw puzzle for each age is the best way to make sure everyone in the family is involved and has ultimate fun. For young kids, a puzzle with larger pieces and simpler designs will be suitable, while older kids and adults may enjoy more complex puzzles with smaller pieces and intricate details. Additionally, selecting a puzzle with a theme that everyone is interested in can make the experience even more enjoyable. Check out this collection for jigsaw puzzles by piece count to make sure everyone has a thing to do during your next game evening. Charades and Pictionary have always been popular family games, allowing everyone to get creative while guessing and providing lots of laughs.

2. Outdoor Movie Night

Set up a projector and a white sheet in the backyard and use chairs to create an outdoor theater, and get some pillows and blankets to make the evening cozy. Make sure to pick a movie that everyone likes, or let there be a vote for the movie of the evening. Read here for 10 tips on how to throw an outdoor movie party.

3. DIY Baking Recipes

Whether it’s making cupcakes, cookies, or other sweets, the fun of measuring, mixing, and baking can be shared. After the baking is finished, the best part comes with eating the treats together while spending quality time with family. Don’t forget to create photos taken during the baking process to share and remember the fun times!

4. Indoor Scavenger Hunts

Entertaining Family Activities

Put your loved ones’ problem-solving skills to the test as they search for objects scattered around the house. Make it creative and specific, and hide items in places you know your family members would never expect. Once they find everything, reward the winners with homemade treats.

5. Fun Arts and Crafts Projects

Consider getting everyone involved in paper mache, building a marble run, or assembling models. With access to resources like construction paper, glue, scissors, and even recycled materials like egg cartons, families can make fun crafts that foster creativity and connection. Arts and crafts projects can help bring your family together while having fun in the process.

6. Educational Activities

There are plenty of activities you can engage in, such as having an impromptu science fair, teaching grammar or math lessons, having a spelling bee, or playing educational board games. Many reading activities can also be done at home, such as finding books from the library or online, making story booklets, or having family reading nights. These educational family activities can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

7. Make a Picnic

Set up a picnic blanket on the lawn and spread out a wide variety of food. Make sure you have something for everyone, and don’t forget the drinks! After the picnic, let the kids explore the outdoors or even burn off some energy by taking a brisk walk together.

Fun Family Activities

Fun Family Activities to Do at Home

There are lots of fun family activities to do at home. From board games to outdoor activities, there are plenty of options for the whole family. Whether you’re enjoying quality time together or making new memories, these activities can be a fun and rewarding experience for all.

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