You may not realize it, but your home could very well be infested with mold and sometimes the first sign of it is when you have breathing problems or allergic reactions.

Some effective tips for preventing mold from developing in your home

Dry Wet Materials Quickly

Given the right conditions, mold can develop within just a couple of days. This means that even a damp towel or a pair of shoes can be potentially hazardous unless you take steps to dry them out immediately. Even leaving your laundry in the washer can produce a nasty smell that is indicative of mold developing.

Clean, Disinfect, and Dry All Surfaces

Surfaces that tend to be damp most of the time like those in kitchens and bathrooms tend to be ideal breeding grounds for mold. Using strong disinfectants or a vapor steam cleaner is held to be the most effective for cleaning. Remember to dry out the surfaces completely to ensure mold does not develop.

Dry Out the Basement

If your basement is musty, it is due to mold, which can have severe repercussions for the inhabitants. You should consider putting in a foundation drain, increasing the air circulation, and installing a dehumidifier to remove the trapped moisture. Also, think about insulating the walls to keep the place warmer and prevent condensation. If your basement is prone to water accumulation, you should call in a professional water cleanup Port St Lucie company.

Run the Exhaust Fan in the Bathroom During and After Use

A foggy mirror is not the only problem if you donโ€™t run the exhaust fan during or after taking a shower. Since the moisture gets in all nooks and crannies that are also impossible to clean, you can be sure that mold will grow unless you can dry out the bathroom quickly after use. By using the exhaust fan, you can help to reduce the level of moisture in the bathroom, which in turn reduces the chances of mold.

Repair Plumbing Leaks and Seepage

Old water and sewage pipes tend to develop leaks with age and the moisture can affect much larger areas that can be visibly discerned. By promptly replacing the leaking pipes, you can help to prevent water collecting and moisture building up that leads to mold developing, especially in areas that are dark and cannot be easily accessed.

Increase Air Circulation Inside the Home

Make it a point to open the windows and let the sunshine stream into your home so that the interior dries out. Opening the doors of closets and putting some distance between the furniture and walls help them to dry out more effectively. Switching on the fans at full speed and using the air conditioning can help in the dehumidification process. Fresh dry air coming into the house helps prevent mold. According to, CDC recommends a humidity level of 50% or less for effective mold control.


Since mold can be dangerous for your familyโ€™s health, you should keep a sharp eye out for it. The easiest way of preventing mold growth is to keep your home, especially kitchens, bathrooms, and basements warm and dry.

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