As you’re walking past the many advertisements displayed on boards, walls, and lampposts, Florida holidays 2022 is one that may have caught your attention. Florida holidays 2022 is an idea or concept that has spread across the USA recently where travel agencies, tour operators, and other entertainment companies have spent millions in attracting locals and international tourists to the state. So why Florida and why is there so much hype around Florida Holidays 2022?

Florida is the 27th state of the United States of America and can be found in the southeastern region of the US map. Many people think about visiting California, Las Vegas, New York, or any upcoming trendy states, however, true natives understand what kind of a gem Florida truly is. This is why you may have seen a lot of marketing for Florida holidays 2022. The state is riddled with fantasy seen in the movies, beaches referred to as natural treasures, and a culture that will keep you tuned to the moment for as long as you’re there. Here is why we think the Florida holidays 2022 is going to be the best trip of your life.

Places to visit in Florida holidays 2022



Florida is known for pristine white sand beaches and some of the world’s greatest hidden beaches and you may have seen these marketed in Florida holidays 2022. The state has over 1200 miles of shoreline that provide some of the calmest of waters, the vibrant sunset, and the cool breezy winds during the warm sunny days. The average American flocks to Florida in search of a good time with families and friends at the busiest shorelines in the States. If you’re looking for seclusion for some private time or the best sunset in the States, or even a beach party, Florida seems to have it all with its vast range of beaches. Here are some of the beaches on our top visiting list this year for Florida holidays 2022.

Spend Florida holidays 2022 at Destin, a place that is known for some of the most immaculate beaches in the world. Best referred to as the crab island, Destin is one of the busiest beaches in the States during summers as it sees an influx of locals from all over America traveling to Destin for a good party time. Destin sees around 4.5 million tourists a year not only because of its party scene but also the marine life. Crab Island is a destination where you can enjoy marine and animal parks, shark seeing, and all sorts of watersports making it an ideal vacation spot for families and friends.

If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway with the calmest of waters for Florida holidays 2022, Sanibel island should be your go-to spot. Locals flock there to get peace of mind while indulging in collecting a wide array of beautiful colorful seashells. Bowman’s beach and Blind pass beach are some of the beaches you should visit at Sanibel Island. There is a lighthouse beach too where you can witness the marvelous 19th-century architecture of a lighthouse. It’s an amazing destination for gorgeous snaps and a relaxing time.

Petersburg is known for its sublime sunshine and its calm beaches. Yes, this is another location where the calm beaches meet the city landscape. It’s perfect for those who can’t stay away from city life for too long. The white sands and sunny landscape most of the year-round is a great way to unwind or even indulge in parasailing, windsurfing, and other water sport activities. It’s a great way to start your Florida holidays 2022.

There are other beaches like Clearwater Beach for breathtaking sunsets, Vero beach for a family-friendly time, Panama city beach for marine wildlife, and Amelia Island for a quick vacation that you can consider during your Florida holidays 2022.

Culture and history

Florida holidays 2022 concept also focuses on the culture and history of the state. Florida has a long history of wars between the Spanish, Britishers, and the residents. The war went on for decades with the British taking control and then losing it to the Spanish which eventually led to the American revolution. Florida is one of the most diverse states in America and there is a lot to discover behind all the strip malls, beaches, and shopping malls. Let’s start with what Florida has become for many, a fantasy state for all its Disney attractions, universal studios, and a vast array of theme parks. Those that come for the fantasy, stay to witness reality as the state has a beach culture like none other. Parties, picnics, corporate events, and music festivals all look towards the beach to create an electrifying atmosphere. This is one of the reasons why marketing agencies are creating hype around the Florida holidays 2022.

Florida also has a prominent Latino and Cuban population in Miami creating a diverse culture that blends well with the southern culture. Yes, Florida is a state that has a strong southern culture and has embedded southern traditions in the local population. The Spanish influence due to the war has been infused with the southern cultures which is a phenomenal combination to witness. Don’t believe us? Take a trip to Florida’s Little Havana during your Florida holidays 2022 and tell us that we’re wrong.

English although being the first language is followed by a dominant Spanish language with 19% of the Florida population speaking Spanish. With tourism being an important part of Florida’s economy, the state is further influenced by travelers and local tourists. Florida is one big melting pot of cultures, people, and values that should be experienced by everyone and is something to look forward to during your Florida holidays 2022.

North Florida has a large Spanish influence so you will find Spanish cuisines and beautiful architectures while central Florida sees African Americans as the oldest settlers bringing a southern influence to the state. South Florida is a mix of different cultures with Cubans having the most influence in the State.

National parks and site seeing

National parks

What a great way to spend Florida holidays 2022 by visiting the National parks of the state. Not many people know this but Florida has some of the biggest National parks. The state has over 11 National parks, all unique and providing a completely different experience. If you were to visit every one of these National parks, you would’ve driven over 1,200 miles. Here are some of our favorite National parks that you should consider giving a visit to during the Florida holidays 2022.

There is the historic fort to witness the state’s history at St Augustine while Castillo de San Marcos National Monument takes it a step further for its visitor providing a history program educating the tourists on what happened at the Castillo. Take a ferry ride through the beautiful water channels at Fort Matanza and witness dolphins, bird-fishes, and more. It’s a surreal experience for a first-time visitor. Even if you’ve been to these places before, visiting again is just as great as the first time you’ve visited.

There are places to visit beyond war memorials and the battlegrounds and this is where Timucuan ecological and historic preserve shines. If you’re not into history, perhaps nature can persuade you to visit Florida. Salt marshes, coastal dunes, and historical sites like Kingsley plantation will have you amazed. The ecological and historic preserve combines nature with history, nothing seen before as you travel across the lands where you will learn about slavery, fishing, hiking, and more.

Canaveral National Seashore is another National park worth visiting. The place has over 25 miles of coastal sanctuary for marine wildlife, a place for fishing, and natural trails for hiking. If you’re in the mood for how the indigenous people lived, take a walk through the 26 acres of gorgeous De Soto National memorial where you’ll find most of the park is adjacent to a water channel where locals and tourists can walk. The path merges with mangroves giving people an idea of how the indigenous population got by during the Spanish invasion. Dry Tortugas National park is also a place that should be visited by many. We consider this as a hidden gem as many avoid going to this place due to the hassle associated with reaching there. However, once you’re there, there is nothing like it anywhere. The island has a battle fort and is a great place for bird sightseeing and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters.


As mentioned before, Florida’s culture is influenced by the immigrants due to all the war the state has seen before the 1840s. Florida has a population of over 20 million people, making it one of the three most populous states in America. Since the 1970s, Florida has had a predominantly white population followed by Hispanics and Latinos who make about 25% of the population. There is a 16% African American population and this is where all the southern culture comes from. Currently, the statistics suggest that around 60% of the population below the age of 1 has at least one Hispanic or Latino white parent. This is the largest seen in the United States. The state also sees over 6% of undocumented immigrants who have helped in creating the diversity that Florida displays.

The surprising bit of detail is that around 66% of the white people in Florida have come from neighboring states and cities. A large influx of in-land immigration has led to such a diverse array of cultures. Interacting with the locals and sharing a couple of laughs will brighten up your Florida holidays 2022.



By now you would’ve understood that Florida has a lot to offer and Florida holidays 2022 is going to be the best. Besides the state’s sunny beaches and massive National parks, local and international tourists can head down to the casinos to experience Florida’s thriving gambling scene. Yes, there is a huge demand for gambling especially in the state of Miami. You may have seen in the movies where people enjoy a morning dip in the ocean, sunbathe in the afternoon, and head to the casinos at night to gamble their worries away. This is the perfect way you can describe Florida. Floridians love to gamble and here are our picks of the top casinos that you should visit if you’re feeling lucky.

In the 90s, a brand by the name of Hardrock shot to fame and is a crowd gatherer whenever it is open. Seminole hard rock casino sees Americans flocking from all parts of the country to have some gambling fun while experiencing luxury at its finest. The casino is one of the largest hosting at least 50 tables a night and has been recently expanded adding over a hundred slot machines. There is also a spa service if you want to unwind after a hard day of gambling, something to enjoy during your Florida holidays 2022.

Danai – Jai Alai is a great casino if you’re looking to place bets on forgotten sports like Jai Alai, harness racing, and more. You won’t find this kind of betting done with glamor anywhere else which makes this one of the top casinos on our list for activities you can do during your Florida holidays 2022. If you’re not looking for betting on sports, then know that the casino caters to typical gamblers as well with tables for poker, roulette, and more. You can also find over 900 slot machines to fuel all your gambling addiction. If you’re looking for exclusive Jai-Alai matches, then look no further than Magic City Casino. They are one of the largest high tech casinos in the region as it utilizes technology to provide electronic table games. Players can enjoy blackjack, roulette, and more.  The entire casino floor looks like an arcade scene making it a great picturesque spot for those looking to capture stunning indoor images.

Seminole casino, the heart of Florida, spans 28,000 square feet filled with slot machines, tables, and other fun attractions. The casino is very famous with the locals and tourists and games start early in the morning. They also offer a wild card where players can get discounts and rewards which they can use to avail good food and great accommodation. Make Florida holidays 2022 the best holiday you’re going to ever have by eating the best food, staying at the most luxurious hotels, and splurging your cash at the casinos.


Before you embark upon your Florida holidays 2022 schedule, you should be aware of the weather seen in the state. Mid-November onwards to March, Florida sees the winter seasons. Temperatures during this period start at 23.9°C and can reach temperatures of 1.5°C in January with the average January temperature at 2.3°C. The Weather starts to settle down during February reaching 15°C to 18°C.

March sees pleasant weather with the spring season starting. During spring, the temperatures remain between 10°C to 26°C. This is perfect for traveling to Florida as the weather is not too cold to enjoy outdoor activities and not too hot for sight-seeing around the neighborhoods.

The weather remains the same until June when it transitions from the spring season to summers where temperatures can average at 27°C and go all the way up to 32°C. This is the wet season where rain occurs mostly in the afternoon, so if you have any outdoor plans better get up early in the morning as the temperatures can be bearable. Anything later could lead to your plans being changed. Expect the entire month of June to have at least 10 rainy days so plan in advance if you’re looking to visit Florida in these months. Florida is considered to be the lighting capital of the United States and rainy days are not just a drizzle that you can walk by. August is the last month of summer and is also wet mostly. Florida during these months can witness hurricanes or strong gusts of wind throughout this month. The best thing to do is to avoid beaches during this month as it might get dangerous if the storms get a bit aggressive like they usually do.

During September, October, and November, the state sees the Autumn season where temperatures start to drop to 28°C and can also dip to 23°C. During Autumn, people flock from all over the USA to relax in the warm waters of Florida. Many also enjoy coral sight-seeings in this season. What we recommend is checking the weekly weather forecast as the state sees occasional thunderstorms during this season. Before heading to the beach, see what the local newscaster has to say about the weather in Florida. This will help you in planning accordingly so that you can have the best Florida holidays 2022.

Theme parks

It is common for Americans to associate Florida with theme parks. The state has become somewhat of a fantasy land for many who enjoy such types of entertainment. From rollercoasters to movie studios, tourists and locals enjoy the array of options available in the state. If you’re in the mood for some thrilling fun during your vacations, you should have Florida on your list. There are many different fun-filled theme parks for kids and adults to visit and we’re going to go over some of the most famous ones so you don’t get to miss out on the fun while you’re there.

If you are traveling with kids and want to take them to an amusement park, then Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom is the perfect spot for great family time. The park, opened in the 70s, remains to be one of the best spots for kids to spend their day at. Kids can not only indulge in the meet and greet by their favorite cartoon character but also go on rides aimed at children like dumbo flights, entry-level roller coasters, and more. If you’re there, stay until the fireworks display. It is truly magical. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a mesmerizing theme park to be at as well.

If you’re a huge movie buff then Universal’s Island of Adventure is the place to be. The theme park will have you go through the wizarding world of Harry Potter and enchant guests with their rendition of Jurassic Park. There are Marvel superheroes sets and worlds created for people to enjoy. Attractions based on movies can have movie buffs rejoicing in their seats and once they’re done with all that, they can head over to the water rides to cool off. Other studios are great for movie buffs like Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Guests here can enjoy some of the weirdest sets and unique food combinations while letting their imaginations run free.

Looking for a great waterpark? Universal Volcano Bay will quench your thirst for some cool water rides. The park is one of the largest and greatest water parks in the region that spans over 25 acres of real estate space. The park has the latest technology aimed to assist guests so that they don’t waste their time waiting for their turn in the queue. Over 19 attractions, the park is a must-try for all water-ride enthusiasts.

Now we’re coming to the best bit, aimed at the thrill-seekers, the fanatics. Busch Gardens Tampa bay should be your destination if you’re looking for extreme fun. The theme park has a dive coaster that stands tall at 200 feet but that’s not all. It hosts some incredible record-breaking rides like the world’s fastest hybrid coaster, the state’s tallest coaster, floorless dive coaster, and many more. If you have kids, then they shouldn’t miss the fun too. Simply get them into the “sesame street safari of fun” area where they can meet other kids and have fun of their own.

Why not have a family’s day out during your Florida holidays 2022 at some toned-down theme parks than the ones mentioned here like Legoland, sea world, and more. These are great if you feel that the Disney and Universal Studios with the others mentioned might be a bit too much for a family time out. Legoland is small, entertaining, and great for kids under the age of 12.



If you’re going to be out and about during the Florida holidays 2022, might as well experience the nightlife. Florida, although has a lot going on, lacks behind in the nightlife. This is because the state is too big and there are a lot of cities. Not all cities are tourist places or trendy spots where you’ll find people crowding up for the nightlife. That rarely happens. Cities like Miami, Orlando, and Tampa are where all the nightlife action can be found. These cities are a great place to stay if you’re looking for some headbanging music, non-stop drinks, and creating a whole lot of secrets.

Miami is known for its beaches but its nightlife does not disappoint. Electro salsa music, dancing, and casual drinking can be seen while walking down Washington Avenue. Miami is the place where the night starts early with cocktails and ends on a yacht to see the sunrise. It is the perfect place to be for seeing what Florida has to offer in terms of nightlife. Fine dining, one-act plays, drinking, parties, and more will have you coming back every year.

You can start the day at a rooftop bar to enjoy some spectacular sunset moments over Miami. Enjoy a game of Jai-Alai if you’ve never played it before or play bingo every Wednesday with Miss Toto in the most glamorous bar in all of the United States, Gramps. You can find A-list DJs and celebrities at Liv or Story, the most happening night clubs in all of Miami. Since the nightlife is what Miami is all about, the best of the best restaurants open after midnight catering to all the party heads looking for good food and insomniacs to pass the time. There are micro theaters with small plays hosted in shipping containers for those looking to enjoy theatre at a fraction of the cost and Little Havana is a must place to visit for anyone looking to see cultures interact as one. For many Florida holidays 2022 is all about the nightlife, so if you’re one of those, don’t worry as Miami is the place to be.


When it comes to food, there are a lot of people that would think about New York, especially Brooklyn as the food scene is top-notch. However, Florida will surprise you with what they have in store for you. Deep flavors, comforting dishes, and innovative ideas are what Florida is all about. Never expect the expected with Floridians.

The food scene has been rapidly growing in the state as the state looks towards bringing its take on the legendary eats of the USA. You will find flavors from Cuba, Jamaica, Spain, and other countries finding their way to your bowl. You might even fail to notice but the fusion of cultures and flavors makes Florida the upcoming culinary landscape of the United States.

Soul food including catfish, brisket, collard greens is the staple of Tampa bay. The neighborhood has some of the best soul food found in the country. Spanish-Cuban dishes can be found in the area and have been here for over a century making it a prominent cultural cuisine in the state. Expect tacos, Cuban sandwiches, aged cocktails, and other tantalizing food carts across the neighborhood.

Lee County is a unique place where Mexican food can be seen alongside German cuisine. Yes, Lee County is a great place for Munich-style cuisine if you’re looking for smoked sausages, beer, and more. While on the other hand, Orlando has transitioned from boring theme park food like corn dogs and candy floss to hot dogs, lobster rolls, fine dining spots, and more.

If you’re in the mood for biscuits and gravy accompanied by amazing Barbecue, then look towards Kissimmee. There are thousands of food trucks across the place that will have everything you’re looking for, from Gator meat to pork, crazy fries, and other crazy food inventions.

Miami cuisine is the talk of the town for everyone and hence, we’ve kept the best for last. With Latin American and Caribbean influences, Miami has the best dining spots in terms of taste and views. Indulge in the best cocktails in the region while munching down on stone crabs and the finest Cuban sandwiches.

Lakes and fishing


Florida has a lot of lakes and canals offering great spots for locals and tourists to set up their picnic baskets and get their fishing game on. Freshwater fish can be found across the state with largemouth being the star of the show. There are sturgeons, crappie, bluegills, and many other delicious freshwater fish. So, where is the best place in Florida to start one’s freshwater fish experience? Two words, Lake Okeechobee.

One of the largest freshwater lakes in the US, Lake Okeechobee is no joke when it comes to the space it spans across. More than 730 square miles, the lake is known to contain over a trillion gallons of water. You will find many locals and fishing enthusiasts in their boats, simply a mile away from the shores, to catch some freshwater fishes. You would need some bait, of course. So use anything from crickets to smaller fishes as bait, even plastic imitations would do.

The recent fishing hype has seen many fishers catch peacock bass for their sheer beauty as the golden body has patterns like the bird peacock all the way to the tail’s end. These can only be found in the warmer waters of Florida. It might be difficult to catch these types of fish as they are quick thinkers and can’t easily be fooled by baits.

Once you’re done with Lake Okeechobee, you can try Tamiami canal or Lake Trafford, Lake Istokpoga, Lake Alfred, and many more. Jacksonville Florida is known for its freshwater and saltwater fishing scene where hundreds of boats can be seen during the fishing season to compete for catching the best fish in the lake. Trout, Flounder, Snapper, Grouper, and more are some of the neighborhood’s specialties. While in Naples, you can fish all year round as the city offers inland canals where you can find Tarpon, Snook, Spotted Seatrout, Blacktip Shark, and a lot more.

If you’re looking to have Florida holidays 2022 be the best holiday of your lifetime, then make sure you budget your trip and make your itinerary. There are way too many things to do in Florida, but you’re gonna have to have a million dollars sitting in your bank account if you wish to do everything. Schedule your dates and decide on the things you want to do. Complete your itinerary accordingly and see how much you can spend at each place. This will help with keeping your Florida holidays 2022 trip on a budget and also have the best holiday of your lifetime.

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