Brush twice a day, and don’t forget to floss.

Those are easy rules to remember, but are you actually doing it? It’s not a secret most people forget to floss. We’re all guilty of lacking in our oral hygiene at times.

If you’re a dentist or dental hygenist and reading this right now, you’re shuddering in fear. All you want is for people to take care of their gums and teeth!

Below is a guide on how to encourage your dental patients to be more proactive about their dental health. They’ll be brushing twice and flossing in no time.

Create a Welcoming Environment

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It may not necessarily be that most patients don’t understand the importance of good oral health. They may just be too scared to come to the dentist for regular check-ups.

Many patients struggle with dental anxiety or anxiety during any official appointment. Create a relaxed environment with friendly staff, comfortable seating, and complimentary drinks.

By showing patients there’s nothing to be afraid of, they’ll be more willing to come to you with any dental issues.

Include Your Patient in Decisions

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When making major decisions for your patients, especially your dental implant patients, open yourself up to their opinion and feedback.

Giving power back to the patient increases their desire to improve their oral health. They’ll also feel more inclined to be transparent about any concerns, and they’ll ask more questions.

Use their questions to lead into education chats about oral hygiene. Don’t be surprised when the dental health of your clients drastically improves!

Schedule Check-Ins

Have you not seen a particular patient in a while? Schedule check-ins with your clients.

A check-in shouldn’t be intrusive or overwhelming to the client. Keep it simple with a postcard reminding them of the importance of regular appointments, or have your staff leave each client a friendly voicemail.

Provide the option for clients to sign up for text reminders. An automated text messaging system will encourage clients to schedule a check-up and remind them of upcoming appointments.

Use Constructive Coaching

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No one likes being talked down to, especially during a dentist appointment.

If you notice an area of concern, coach your client on the process of improving their dental health. Give them brushing tips, or tell them what kind of mouthwash they should try.

Avoid shaming a client for a cavity or dental mishap. You never know what someone is going through in their personal life. Be mindful of common courtesy and respect.

Encouraging Dental Patients to Be Proactive

You want to see your dental patients happy and healthy! It’s important to find effective ways to encourage them to be more proactive about their dental health.

Implement constructive coaching habits, and create a welcoming environment in the office. Connect with your patients on a personal level, and always include them in major decisions.

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