Encourage Curiosity With These 13 Excellent Magnifying Glass Options

It’s a simple tool, but a magnifying glass offers the user the chance to see the world around them in finer detail. As children explore their surroundings, the ability to magnify objects like insects, leaves, plants, and rocks, will encourage their curiosity and hopefully further their interest in science. When choosing a magnifying glass, there are plenty of options. Consider your child’s age and how they will be using it. For outdoor exploration, a portable and durable option is best. If they plan to use it indoors in more of a lab like setting, something more powerful may be useful. Let’s go exploring!

Best Magnifying Glass Options For Kids

1. LED Magnifying Glass Set

LED Magnifying Glass Set

This LED Magnifying Glass Set offers three different magnifying lens options. As a result, there’s a lens for nearly every need. A single handle comes with three interchangeable lenses that change easily. Choices of 2.5X, 5X, and 16X allow for several levels of magnification and there’s even an energy efficient LED light so that the lens still works well in the dark or in low light. Includes a microfiber cloth for lens cleaning.


2. Fancii LED Lighted 3X Folding Pocket Magnifier

Fancii LED Lighted 3X Folding Pocket Magnifier with 15X Loupe - magnifying glass

Your little explorer will need plenty of tools, and the Fancii LED Lighted 3X Folding Pocket Magnifier with 15X Loupe is perfect because it fits right in their pocket. The magnifying glass attaches easily to a bag or belt using the convenient key loop. The primary lens has 3X magnification and there’s a 15X magnification jeweler’s loupe to investigate things even closer. The lens is constructed of sturdy, scratch resistant ABS plastic and because it folds in to the case, the lens is further protected from damage and scratches. The efficient LED light turns on as soon as the lens is pulled out for use and turns off again when it is put away.


3. Learning Resources Jumbo Magnifier Set Of 6

Learning Resources Jumbo Magnifier Set Of 6 - magnifying glass

The Learning Resources Jumbo Magnifier Set Of 6 is a great option for school, home, or party favors. Perhaps your child would like to have an ‘explorer’ themed birthday party. These colorful magnifiers would be the perfect addition to the goody bags. Then, send everyone everyone outside to explore. Set up a treasure hunt, or have some insects or rocks already inside to examine. Each magnifying glass has a fold out stand to facilitate hands-free viewing. They are 8″ long with a 4.5″ in diameter viewing lens. A fun to use tool, this set encourages an early interest in STEM.


4. Magnifying Glass w/ Tweezers – Bug Kit

Magnifying Glass w/ Tweezers - Bug Kit

This 13 inch Magnifying Glass w/ Tweezers – Bug Kit is perfect for exploring the insect world. Those tiny little bugs are hard to pick up – just use the tweezers stored conveniently in the lens handle. They come in several bright colors, though you don’t get to choose the color when ordering.


5. Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Magnifying Glass

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Magnifying Glass

The Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Magnifying Glass is adorable, colorful, and flower shaped, with a little flower charm on the handle. From a high-quality manufacturer of children’s product, the construction is safe and the lens is shatterproof. Reviewers love the price and the look.


6. Backyard Safari Magnifying Glass Science Kit

Backyard Safari Magnifying Glass Science Kit

Perfect for outdoor adventurers, the Backyard Safari Magnifying Glass Science Kit has a 3″ lens with 4X magnification. The ‘easy-grip’ handle is comfortable to hold, even for tiny hands, and a plastic carabiner is convenient for carrying and attaching to packs and more. Great for viewing flowers, insects, and stones.


7. Nature Bound Big Magnifying Lense Toy

Nature Bound Big Magnifying Lense Toy - magnifying glass

Oversized and easy to use for little scientists, the Nature Bound Big Magnifying Lense Toy lets them see tiny things up close. Colorful and cool looking, with a convenient carabiner clip, this is a perfect addition to a science kit or outdoor exploration pack.


8. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Magnifying Glass

World of Eric Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar Magnifying Glass

The World of Eric Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar Magnifying Glass features a favorite children’s book character – a great way to inspire curiosity. Read ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ with your child, then venture outside with them where they can discover their very own hungry caterpillar, or cricket, butterfly, or worm.


9. Magnifying Glass durable 3x magnifier for kids

Magnifying Glass durable 3x magnifier for kids

Described as ‘virtually unbreakable’, Magnifying Glass durable 3x magnifier for kids has an acrylic lens and a colorful, flexible handle that is easy to hold. In addition to the included 3X magnifying lens, 5X and 10X magnifying lenses are available. The additional lenses and are easy to change out for more powerful magnification. With its small size, this magnifying glass is convenient to carry in a pocket or small bag.


10. Learning Resources Primary Science Magnifier & Tweezers

Learning Resources Primary Science Magnifier & Tweezers - magnifying glass

Unfortunately, you aren’t able to choose the color of the Learning Resources Primary Science Magnifier & Tweezers when ordering, but it really doesn’t matter. Young scientists will be so engaged with what they see through the lens, that the color of the lens itself will fade in to the background. This magnifying glass features a 4.5″ viewing area with 4X magnification. Additionally, a clever built-in stand allows for hands free viewing and observation.


11. Large LED Handheld 2X Magnifier with 3.5X Zoom

Fancii Large LED Handheld 2X Magnifier with 3.5X Zoom - magnifying glass

A favorite of reviewers for its large size, the Fancii Large LED Handheld 2X Magnifier with 3.5X Zoom has lot of desirable features. First of all, the 5.5″ size offer a large viewing area. Additionally, the ergonomic handle is easy to hold, the lens is scratch resistant, and the lens offers excellent clarity. It’s actually two lenses in one, a 2X large lens and an auxiliary lens with 3.5X magnification. Finally, super bright, energy efficient LED lights allow the user to illuminate whatever they are examining. Not a toy, this magnifying glass is a great choice for older children wishing to expand their knowledge of the world around them.


12. Pocket Magnifying Glass

Pocket Magnifying Glass

This cool Pocket Magnifying Glass features 3X magnification and is an excellent choice for young scientists on the go. Put in a pocket or backpack, and it’s right there when they find something that requires closer examination. The durable, shatter resistant lens slides in to the handle when not being used to prevent damage and scratches. Lightweight and convenient, it even has a bright LED light that turns off and on automatically.


13. Card Shaped Reading Magnifying Glass

Card Shaped Reading Magnifying Glass

A convenient little magnifier, the Card Shaped Reading Magnifying Glass is extremely lightweight and portable. It offers 3X magnification with a small 6X area and bright LED light with a button switch. It’s unique design makes it easy to carry and use just about anywhere.


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Feature image courtesy of Flickr, baranco1.

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