Being a small business owner in the US is both rewarding and challenging, especially during these uncertain times, with health concerns changing how people interact with society. As people stay home more, the use of email for daily business has only increased and understanding email marketing for small business is more essential than ever.

Over the past few decades, email use has seen a sharp rise as people become more active online. It doesn’t seem as if these online messaging platforms will go away any time soon, either. In fact, 78% of marketers report seeing an increase in online email engagement over the past year.

But how do you use email to market to your online audience? Below, we’ll go into 5 key email marketing tips you need to know.

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1. Grow Your Email List

Grow Your Email List

To send your client’s emails, you first need to focus on growing a robust email list.

Businesses do this in several different ways. You might include a pop-up on your website asking people to sign up for your emails. Other companies include the sign-up section on their home page. More and more, companies have also started programming their websites to display pop-ups whenever a customer hovers their mouse over another tab or the exit icon.

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2. Engage Your Audience

Email lists serve several important purposes. First, they give you the chance to engage with your clients. If you send strategic emails to your website’s visitors, you develop a bond with them and encourage them to make more purchases.

You also might have people on your list who have never made a purchase before on the list. Because of this, you need to make sure your emails remain engaging and easy to understand. You want to build their trust in your brand.

3. Send Consistent Emails

Send Consistent Emails

Did you know that when you send emails matters?

Many companies have found when they don’t send emails at all, they lose the potential to retain their customers. Yet, people get annoyed if businesses flood their inboxes. This can impact your reputation and cause a lot of people to click “unsubscribe.”

You want to retain your customers without annoying them, so how do you do this? Create an email schedule. Most marketers send emails 2-3 times a month, but if you get great responses, you might move to send new content every week.

4. Plan Your Content

You should have people on your team whose jobs include the responsibility to plan out your content. If you can’t afford to hire a team, make sure you set some time aside each week to review your own plans and implement them.

Your content might include promotional materials, such as sales and other offers. It might also include key organization updates or even email marketing campaign plans.

5. Develop a Press Email List

Develop a Press Email List

All businesses should have access to the press. Having an email list of press contacts gives you the ability to contact the media with any news updates you may have. This then turns into the possibility of news coverage for you and your company, which attracts more potential customers.

This becomes more helpful when you host an event. Members of the local press sometimes attend events to report on them, and you can extend an invitation out to your local paper and TV outlets.

Do You Want More Email Marketing Tips?

Following the best email marketing tips often leads to you growing your audience and boosting your sales. By developing your email marketing strategy, you will have the chance to expand your business and build your client base.

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