According to a report by the American Trucking Association (ATA), there was a shortfall of around 80,000 truck drivers in 2021. The organization stated that the only option is to hire a million additional drivers over the following ten years and that if the issue is not solved in the coming years, the figures might hit an all-time high of 160,000 by the year 2030.

All about ELDT Certificate

After February 7, 2022, anyone who obtains a commercial learnerโ€™s permit must complete an ELDT course to be qualified to attempt their CDL skills test. After you have successfully finished the ELDT course, your ELDT certificate will be sent to the Federal Training Provider Registry. CDL testing centers will confirm that you have successfully completed the course before you will be able to take the CDL test.

Entry-Level Driver Training

Take your DOT physically and get passed that. You have to make your private work called self-certification and also your CDL application. Self-certification is basically all CDL holders must declare their state driver’s license agency that they got operate commercially in one of four possible categories with your CDL. This process is called CDL self-certification. DOT physical, self-certification, and CDL application the cost of those three things is free. And then you are going to your CDL permit. For getting a CDL permit you have to be three written tests in three different subjects, they are general knowledge, air brakes and combination vehicles.

By ensuring that truck drivers have successfully undergone the required training, the Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) mandate aims to increase highway and road safety. This training ensures that both drivers and CDL training institutions meet the minimum national standards.

Fleet driver

To encourage more individuals to choose a truck driver career, carriers recently revealed plans to improve their pay. With that being said, depending on the training resources available, obtaining the necessary license to work as a truck driver in the U. S. can oftentimes be a laborious process.

Leonardo CDL seeks to change this perception, a claim supported by recent significant achievements. The company is ELDT Training Provider located in South Florida, registered with FMCSA, and dedicated to providing in-person and online fast and affordable ELDT Certification processes.

Over time, Leonardo CDL has gained recognition as a leading online resource for quick ELDT Training online. The company created its unique system, which enables anyone wishing to begin a career in truck driving to obtain their ELDT certificate in a mere two days by giving students the necessary tools to breeze through their test rapidly and obtain a CDL more quickly than their opponents.

Verified & Trusted Drivers

โ€œOur team has experience in assisting non-English speaking drivers in getting their licenses. Every student will get personalized training as well as phone supportโ€,- says Eugeniy Noujine, General Manager of Leonardo CDL. โ€œYou can earn a great living as a CDL driver! Our accredited programs are designed to assist you in obtaining an ELDT Certificate as soon as possible and provide you with the opportunity to work in the industry. You are welcome to finish your training with us no matter where you live.โ€

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