Gifts are widely accepted by almost everyone and they are always welcomed with warm hearts. Although it may seem like a courtesy walking into an Iftar party with a small gift, they largely play a celebratory role on EID. Here’s some amazing EID gift ideas.

Some Incredible EID Gift Ideas

EID is significant in the lives of Muslims as it is a period of time filled with spirituality as it marks the end of Ramadan.

This also means that the types of gifts exchanged on this day must be significant to the purpose of the day. Here is a look at some of the EID gift ideas you need to consider.

1. Arabic Coffee Pot

At least every family has a coffee lover and if there is, then they probably are aware of the long tradition of coffee farming in the Middle East.

Therefore, an Arabic coffee pot will make more sense to them. So choose the most ideal design and color that represents the person in your heart and gift them this item.

2. Spices

One of the main things that make an EID celebration stand out from other celebrations across the world are the delicious religious ethnic foods.

Therefore, there is no better way to make the ‘chef’ of the house happier than offering a variety of fragrant spices. Make sure you get those that are unavailable in the local grocery stores to make the gift more unique.

3. Pashmina Shawls

Pashmina shawls may not be the most unique gift idea, but they carry so much importance and are special. They are so soft considering they are a blend of silk and cashmere.

This is what makes them luxurious and most definitely a gift a friend, spouse or other family members will appreciate.

4. Write a Poem or a Letter

If you have always had a special message in your heart for your loved one, then this is the time to put it in a letter or a poem.

What makes this EID gift idea stand out black friday is because it is cheap and special.

5. Your Time

This is arguably the best gift you can ever give to your loved one on EID. You will agree that no gift can substitute the time you spend with your friends and family, considering that EID is all about that.

Therefore, f you are never at home or never find time to meet up with friends, this is the best chance you have to enjoy each other’s company.

6. A Watch or Any Jewelry

Watches and jewelry are the most common gifts to give a friend, spouse or family member. However, they are also the types of gifts you can add a twist to to make them special. There are personalized watches, bracelets and other jewelries you can have for your loved one.

Choosing the different type or color of metal for specific family members and loved ones can also have a big impact on the customization of the gift.

7. Prepare Something in the Kitchen

You may not be the best cook, but learn how to prepare something before EID and make the best of it.

Since food takes center stage in EID celebrations, this gift idea will be appreciated by everyone.

8. Art and Home Décor

Everyone loves a nice looking home, so you only need to find out the type of art or home décor a person appreciates the most to get them a piece of decor to add to their space.

The best thing about this EID gift idea is that your imagination is not limited; you can get anything artistic from wall tapestries to wall decals. It’s all up to you.

Bottom Line

As much as the Islamic culture doesn’t emphasize on gifts at the end of Ramadan, you can always make someone happy by choosing one of the above EID gift ideas.

Some EID gift ideas to give to your loved ones include a pashmina shawl, a watch or jewelry, art and home decor, and many more.

These gifts will enhance the sense of togetherness on a special day, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy EID that much shopping ideas.

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