Substance abuse can take a serious toll on your personal relationships โ€“ and particularly on marriages. Even the strongest relationship may not be able to endure the stress, trauma, and strain of an uncontrolled addiction to drugs, alcohol, and other substances.

In marriages, substance abuse leads to a number of negative effects โ€“ from unhappiness to children having difficulties in school, and even separation and divorce. Learn more below about the effects substance abuse can have on marriages โ€“ and if youโ€™re struggling with addiction, make sure that you get the help you need!

1. Substance Abuse Puts Financial Strain On Families

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One of the biggest problems caused by substance abuse is financial strain. Drug abuse can be very costly and have a negative impact on family finances. The same is true of alcohol abuse.

Over time, substance abuse can cost a lot of money. Not only that but regular abuse of drugs and alcohol is correlated with a much higher chance of neglecting job responsibilities. This can lead to reduced hours, or the drug user being fired from their job โ€“ further straining finances.

This is a serious issue. Financial strain is a leading predictor of divorce โ€“ even when separated from the issue of drug abuse. According to one study, couples who argue about money at least once per week are 30% more likely to get divorced.

2. Leads To Arguments And Fights

If one partner is using drugs or drinking excessively, this can often lead to arguments and fights about their level of drug use, staying out late or neglecting home responsibilities such as caring for children, draining the household finances, and more.

In turn, these arguments may drive the person who is abusing drugs or alcohol to continue or deepen their habit โ€“ in an attempt to mitigate the tension, stress, anger, or embarrassment related to their arguments and fights about substance abuse.

3. Contribute To The Risk Of Abuse & Domestic Violence

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Substance abuse is a huge contributing factor to domestic violence. Itโ€™s been estimated that up to 80% of domestic violence issues can be traced back to the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol โ€“ combined with the stress and strain that substance abuse puts on marriages โ€“ can be a major contributing factor to physical, mental, and emotional abuse in a marriage.

In addition, being abused may also cause the non-addicted partner to turn to drug and alcohol abuse, too. The same study referenced above found that women who have been abused are 15x more likely to abuse alcohol and 9x more likely to abuse drugs.

4. Destroys Trust Between Partners

Trust is the most important part of any marriage. Over time the actions taken by substance abusers will erode and destroy the trust that forms the foundation of this relationship. The addicted spouse will lie about what theyโ€™ve been doing, where they were, and do their best to cover up their addiction โ€“ and when it inevitably surfaces, the trust between each partner will be destroyed.

This can often persist, even in recovery even at rehab Cape Town sober living facilities. The non-addicted spouse may have a hard time believing their husband or wife and trusting them once again โ€“ and this can lead to further relationship difficulties.

5. Leads To Neglect, Resentment Between Spouses

A Spouseโ€™s Death Complicates Your Life for a While

In relationships where one spouse is addicted and one is not, substance abuse typically results in the non-addicted spouse becoming responsible for things like earning income, taking care of kids, meeting financial responsibilities, and more โ€“ all while their partner continues to become more and more addicted. This neglect will boil over into resentment, which will destroy the marriage from the inside out.

Get Treatment For Addiction โ€“ And Save Your Marriage And Relationship

For all of the reasons shown above โ€“ and many more โ€“ drug and alcohol addiction will completely destroy your marriage if you do not get treatment. To save your relationship and your family, you need to get help if you are dealing with untreated addiction. Take the first steps today โ€“ and begin your journey to rehabilitation.

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