The importance of workouts in our lives is increasing more than ever now. The onslaught of various diseases – mental as well as physical – due to changing lifestyles across the globe is one of the primary health issues today. Many well-known fitness experts have unequivocally stated the need for incorporating a workout plan that can positively impact body and mind.

Currently, a significant amount of world population is grappling with life-threatening diseases; millions of people are finding it extremely difficult to cope with anxiety and stress, while a lot of others are following lifestyles that can make them highly vulnerable to more severe illnesses. Obesity, for an instance, is claiming more lives across the globe than any other disease.

Workout, therefore, finds itself as a solution right at the heart of the issue itself. However, just understanding the need for exercise and getting back to business, as usual, is not tenable at all for you. A commitment to a regular and effective workout regimen should be the apt answer that not only will increase your fitness level, but generate a greater sense of mental well-being. Hence, the key question: What possibly are the most powerful fitness workouts that would help you achieve desired results?

Here they are:

1- Cardio

Cardio is one of the most fundamental exercises because you want your heart to function in ways that help you do more workouts. If you have to lose your weight quickly and effectively start with cardio regularly before moving to other exercises. It strengthens heart and lungs; increases bone density, and reduces stress. While taking it up for the first time, cardio initially helps your body lose the excess glycogen stored in your liver followed by fat. Later it effectively reduces excess cholesterol from the arteries. Many fitness experts suggest that cardio sessions and strength training such as weights go hand in hand in order to achieve best results. As a matter of fact, being active is important for living a cheerful and healthy life, and cardio helps increase blood flow to your muscles, refreshes lungs and allows your heart to work more efficiently.

2- Crunches

Whenever we talk about a six-pack-abs-well-toned-belly, crunches are all that we get in our minds and vice-versa. Simple crunches are so effective that a traditional crunch is the greatest abdominal muscle activation exercise. Even some researchers have shown that doing crunches correctly has produced magical results within weeks. If you want to see desired results, you can take this 30 day ab challenge, especially when you cannot just remove your belly fat. Crunches are basically a core training workout that strengthens your core and improve your balance and body posture, which in turn helps you function efficiently in your everyday life. While doing crunches for 10 minutes, an average person typically burns 54 calories, whereas a rigorous crunch workout can burn up to 98 calories in 10 minutes.

Effective Fitness Workouts

3- Squats

The effectiveness of squats can be understood by the fact that most fitness experts believe that this workout should be a part of everyone’s fitness routine. It is a holistic exercise that benefits your body in multiple ways – whether you are looking to lose weight, increase mobility or enhance flexibility. Squats are good for strong legs that support the entire body weight, these are an efficient way of burning fat, increase blood circulation, and help you get rid of cellulite. The better blood circulation corresponds to more nutrients and oxygen getting to all the vital organs. Moreover, squats are good for digestion and you can do them anywhere without getting any help from accessories or equipment.

Effective Fitness Workouts

4- Push-ups/pull-ups

Pushups and pull-ups may sound a little bit old-school, but these are effective full-body exercises. This workout includes a large number of muscles in your body. It channelizes your strength on your arms, abs, upper body as well as a lower body all at the same time. Due to the activation of virtually every muscle in your body, you get more than a toned body and increased levels of endurance. It also enhances your cardiovascular system because when you simultaneously involve many muscle groups, your heart works harder in order to deliver oxygen-rich blood to every part of your body. Doing this workout releases a specialized hormone called HGH that helps the natural growth of your entire body.
Effective Fitness Workouts
Effective Fitness Workouts

5- Interval training

Even if you have just begun your fitness regimen or you are an aerobic dancer, incorporating interval training into your workout gives a big boost to your fitness level. It burns calories and fat in a much shorter interval of time. It will be more beneficial if you include HIIT (high-intensity interval training). It boosts metabolism as well as gets your heart rate up as well. You need to push your intensity or pace for a few minutes and then back off for say 10 minutes. Continue doing this throughout the workout.

Effective Fitness Workouts

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