Whether you’re launching a new brand or you’re a veteran business owner, it’s safe to say that one of your biggest challenges will be attracting customers. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, the average small business should set aside around 7-8% of its revenue for marketing—but even if you’ve done that, how can you tell where to put that marketing spend?

It’s safe to say that some digital marketing strategies are better than others, which is why it pays to find the top-performing tactics. If you’re not sure where to turn, here are the most effective strategies worth trying in 2022.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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SEO may have been around for decades, but it’s still one of the most effective online marketing strategies you can try today. This tactic involves optimizing your website for both your users and the search engine algorithms.

Of course, it’s worth noting that SEO involves a lot of different strategies, some more complex than others. While some businesses can tackle the content-based side of SEO on their own, it’s often a good idea to work with a full-service digital marketing agency if you need help with other aspects of this strategy.

2. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads

Where SEO takes weeks or even months to show results, PPC ads offer immediate marketing benefits. With this tactic, you’ll pay for ads that show up when anyone searches for a specific set of keywords. This ensures that you’re getting in front of interested users who are already seeking what you offer.

3. Email Marketing

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If you need an affordable strategy with a huge ROI, email marketing is the way to go. All you’ll do is gather the contact information of people who subscribe on your website, and you’ll create quality email campaigns to keep them interested.

What should you include in your email marketing? Share blog posts, offer promotions and deals, announce new products, and recap industry events, among other strategies.

4. Social Media Marketing

Because a huge percentage of the population is active on social media, it’s crucial for your business to be there as well. Social media marketing is a great strategy that helps you connect and engage with your audience, whether you’re commenting on their posts or sharing your own content. You can even speak to them directly, answer questions, and more!

Try These Digital Marketing Strategies Today

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Every business has a different approach when it comes to digital marketing strategies, but it’s safe to say that the tactics above are among the most effective you can invest in. If you’re running a business, start here before veering off into trendy marketing fads, as these tried-and-tested approaches work well for any brand. Don’t forget, of course, that partnering with an expert can help you find the specific strategies that will work for your audience!

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