Ready to get book smart? Now you don’t worry about lugging around a heavy backpack (or ditching those comfy PJs) to do it!

According to this report, more than 6.3 million students took online classes in 2016. That’s a 5.6 percent increase from the previous year.

You can keep your bunny slippers on while making bounds towards your degree, too! Discover why more people are taking their education online with these 10 advantages of online classes. Pretty soon, you’ll be hitting the books from bed, too!

1. Flexible Freedom

Many students are juggling jobs, internships, home life, and their education all at once. That’s a lot of balls to keep up in the air!

In a traditional classroom setting, you need to be in your seat at a set time—and you’re stuck there until class is over. 

That eats a huge chunk of time out of your day. 

Of course, that can make it difficult to keep commitments. Trying to squeeze every hour out of the day can drain your energy, too. 

Between work, school, and everything else, that leaves little time to relax or get a workout in.

Instead of getting lagged down with a fixed schedule, online courses offer students flexibility. That way, you have the time to earn your degree and still maintain a job to pay for those courses, too. 

One of the most obvious advantages of online classes is this freedom of flexibility. 

Now you can rearrange your schedule the way you want. Make time for everything you need to get done during the day (and maybe a relaxing bubble bath afterward) with online classes.

2. Cut Costs

One of the bigger benefits of online classes considers a major concern for college students: money.

When you’re studying online, you still have to pay a tuition fee, purchase your books, and pay for other expenses. However, you’re no longer making the trek to campus every day. That could save you a lot on gas.

You also don’t have to pay for online housing, which could eat away at a big chunk of your budget. 

Instead, you can focus on learning (and maybe simultaneously earning) without breaking the bank. 

3. Work That Networking

According to Internet Live Stats, approximately 4,383,810,342 people are on the Internet. That’s 56.8 percent of the world population!

Those people span different countries, ethnicities, and career paths. Each person has their own network of helpful resources, too. That network can help people discover new opportunities—even if it’s halfway across the globe!

By taking online classes, you have access to a bigger network.

You never know who you’ll meet. Many online courses include forums where students can discuss class materials or complete team projects. This offers you the opportunity to connect with peers who live throughout the world. 

This also gives you the chance to discover fresh, unique perspectives.

This exposure to other cultures can help you learn more about the world’s present while you’re networking for your future.

4. Store It

Shuffling through notebooks, loose pages, and multiple textbooks is sometimes a hassle. It’s not exactly good for the environment, either. 

One of the many advantages of online classes is the organization.

Everything you needed is stored on an online database. That includes your training materials, project or paper submissions, live discussion documents, and emails. You never have to worry about losing a paper again.

(That also means you can’t use the “my dog ate my homework” excuse, either.)

Having easy access to online documents can save you time, too. Now you don’t have to shuffle around looking for study guides.

This can also make it easier for you to transfer credits.

If you’re headed home for the summer semester but still want to get a few classes in, you can take online classes from an accredited college. Then, you can easily transfer these credits to get your degree. 

5. Increased Attention

When you’re in a traditional classroom, it can feel difficult to get a little one-on-one time with the instructor. Even visiting during office hours can feel tenuous when you’re in a class of 100 plus students.

The benefits of online learning, however, mean you have easy access to your instructors.

This increase attention from your professor can benefit your class performance. This also enhances your problem-solving and communication skills. 

By taking an online class, you no longer have to worry about swimming through a sea of 100 classmates to reach your professor.

6. Expert Access

Your campus might not provide the specialized degree courses you’re looking for. Online courses, on the other hand, allow you to expand your horizons. Instead of limitations set by geographic classrooms, online classes make it easier for you to pursue any degree. 

That also means you have access to experts who might not live near campus.

Instead, you can learn from some of the experts in your desired field, even if they live a country away. 

Classes like this course can help you build your career in fast-growing industries, too.

7. Ramp Up Responsibility

Most people consider the need to develop self-discipline skills a disadvantage of online classes. However, becoming self-disciplined and learning responsibility are two strong skills to have out of college. 

Taking online classes requires you to manage your time and prioritize.

Learning how to adjust to a self-motivated mindset can help you achieve anything you set out to accomplish.

8. Get Comfy

We weren’t kidding about the PJs. The benefits of online classes also include choosing your work environment and attire. 

Once you’re comfortable, you can shut out distractions and get working!

9. Introvert Ease

Many introverts find a class setting uncomfortable. That anxiety can get distracting, too. 

Studying online can make it easier for you con concentrate. 

Now even shy students can interact with their peers and excel in class!

10. Get Technical

Taking online classes requires you to develop technical skills, too. That can include learning management systems, new programs, sharing documents, and more. 

Those computer skills can help you excel out of school, too.

Get Book Smart: 10 Advantages of Online Classes

It’s time to get book smart with these 10 advantages of online classes. Grab those bunny slippers and get comfy!

Explore our latest posts for more education course tips.

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