These days the medical sphere becomes of the highest priority, so if thinking of studying for a medical worker (doctor, nurse, etc.) – go ahead! There are more and more possibilities for interested and inspired youth these days. Here you can get all the needed info to settle some of the best scholarships in the medical sphere: starting from Harvard and finishing with the scholarships that you can get in one of the local colleges all around the world.

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Harvard Medical School Scholarships

Thinking that it would be impossible to get the scholarship in one of the most prestigious universities of the word? Not even trying? You definitely should not give up! Mind that Harvard Medical School proposes the educational scholarships for those who are willing to pursue a degree in medical education.

Harvard is a world-famous university that needs no introduction – prestigious, quality, and desirable. Among the elective Harvard Medical School learners will find the services, such as:

  • Urology;
  • Psychiatry;
  • Dermatology;
  • Pediatrics;
  • Endocrinology, and many others.

John Hamel MacGregor Scholarship in Medical Science

The scholarship lasts for one year and offers annually (every year). The award is $10 000 that students all around the world apply for. The financial assistance can be given to MBChB students that are applying part- or full-time. Moreover, those willing to get a postgraduate degree in Health and Medical Sciences before getting their MBChB also can apply.

The award (or scholarship) was established by the Trustees of the John MacGregor to assist students willing to get a BMed Sci or postgraduate degree at the University of Auckland (the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences). To get the scholarships, you need to make sure you are familiar with the regulations mentioned below:

  • The scholarships are for the students undertaking a degree (medical) at the University of Auckland and who have paid, or arranged to pay the fees;
  • Almost 50 % of the distributable income meant to assist students from New Zealand;
  • The factors taken to the account when the scholarships distributed: (a) the academic success and potential of the applicants; (b) the merits of the research proposals; (c) the financial status of the applicants;
  • The University of Auckland can call off the awards if the participators are of no sufficient merit;
  • The Office closes on 1 Nov in the preceding year of the Awards year.

Kansas Nursing Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded by the Kansas Board of Regents for all the students willing to study Nursing Service. The scholarship is up to $3 500; however, the number of awards varies every year. Participants who enroll in a Practical Licensed Nurse course can get for $2 500 annually. The award for those willing to get the scholarship in a Registered Nurse program is $3 500 annually.

All the scholarships are divided into two halves – for spring and autumn semesters. But all the participants need to know that every award is renewable; thus, you will need to reapply every year until the end of the studying semesters. Moreover, for those who might need to buy essay, there are hundreds of reliable essay services.

There are some more vital aspects that you definitely need to know about, such as the following:

  • The participant needs to have a sponsors’ commitment, who can finance up to half of the award and promise full-time employment to the student after receiving medical licensure.
  • Any care home for adults, home health agency, medical care facility, any state agency employing LPNs, RNs (licensed by the Kansas State) can become a sponsor.
  • If a student cannot fulfill the obligation, they will need to repay the state portion of the sum provided.

College of Medicine at the University of Exeter, United Kingdom

The University in Exeter strongly gingers up the talented US and EU students towards enrolling at a Master’s program in the College of Medicine and Health Global Excellence. The awards or funding programs are available and waiting for you!

The scholarship is meant to be for the remarkable students who apply for 2020 – 2021 postgraduate programs (full-time) at the college. The estimated award is Β£ 1000 for the UK and EU students only. Moreover, to become eligible, you need to make sure that you meet the requirements such as:

  • Can prove the relevant experience in the medical sphere;
  • Obtained (or expected to get) a 1st degree equivalent to a UK (2:1) Honors degree;
  • Can show and prove academic success.

All the possibilities are waiting for you! Do not hesitate and try yourself to get better possibilities for studying. Good luck!

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