With the changing dynamics of every profession, the selection of a college major has become a crucial factor in building a stable and financially rewarding future. Education courses are evolving and have been replaced with new and emerging subjects. Choosing a degree that can keep you on the right path with perks and benefits requires some research. Here are some education courses that will become popular in 2022 due to their increased demand and financial benefits.

1. Master In Cybersecurity

Master In Cybersecurity

  • Starting Median Salary: $75,000
  • Future Growth: 28%

With the rise in demand for security against potential cyber threats, a master’s in cybersecurity has a promising future. This college major will guide you to tackle the expanding landscape of cyber terrorism, malware, and cybercriminal activities. You have a chance to safeguard online businesses from cyberattacks, protect valuable data from hacking, and save the reputation of organizations by avoiding the risks of cyber threats. With MS in cybersecurity, you can work in businesses, government agencies, tech companies, etc.

2. Master In Education

  • Starting Salary: $40,000
  • Future Growth: 4%

Teaching as a major can never go wrong and can stay out of popularity. A Master’s in education will be popular again in 2022 with a stable and rewarding career. Holding a degree in education can open wide-ranging career options for you.

Owing to the recent influx in health-related crises, the role of education staff has increased many times. At present, they have to be a good instructor and a great counselor who can address the challenges students face. You can go for relevant programs to deal with evolving challenges that a teacher can come across while teaching the students. This education course will help you to specialize in counseling and trauma handling of students. It is the best example of serving students by blending theories with real-life classroom and school environments.

3. Master In Software Engineering

  • Starting Median Salary: $74,000
  • Future Growth: 21%

It is no big surprise that a master’s in software engineering holds a rewarding future for students who are interested in advancing their careers in computer and tech-related fields. This course focuses on core computer concepts, application programming, database management system developments, cloud technology, and big data. With this major, you can perform tech-related functions in a variety of organizations ranging from software houses to banks to shopping malls.

4. Master In Nursing

Master In Nursing

  • Starting Salary: $54,000
  • Future Growth: 12%

Nursing is another popular major that will offer lucrative career paths for you. The leading cause of the popularity of this course is the ever-increasing pressure on health services. You can obtain an advanced degree in nursing that can play a crucial role in mitigating this challenge and serve as an alternative to fill the gap of doctors. The common nursing positions after a master’s include advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP), clinical nurse specialist, nursing consultant, nurse administrator, nurse educator, etc. Depending on your area of specialization, you can work in hospitals, private healthcare services, rehabs, addiction centers, etc.

5. MBA In Finance Specialization

  • Starting Salary: $54,000
  • Future Growth: 16%

A Master in Business Management ensures a reliable career path and financial rewards for you. Financial management has become a vital element while managing and running businesses, especially start-ups. As you know, entrepreneurship has gained immense popularity in recent years. You can maximize the chances of being recruited after getting an MBA in finance. You can help any organization handle finances, statistics, taxation, and risk analysis.

6. Master In Health Informatics

  • Starting Salary: $60,000
  • Future Growth: 11%

Health informatics is gaining popularity in 2022 due to the constant demand for tech experts in healthcare services. It is a specialized course that will keep you on the track of an interdisciplinary path, in this case, technology, and healthcare management. After getting a degree in health informatics, you can manage electronic records of patients and provide digital tools to manage the healthcare system.

7. Master In Game Design

Master In Game Design

  • Starting Salary: $51,000
  • Future Growth: 21%

Game Design is an emerging type of major that is becoming increasingly popular in the creative industry. Masters in Game design can help you to build your future career in gaming if you are interested in games, technology, and creativity at the same time. This education course polishes your software development, coding, and creative skills and aids you in giving a final product as a game. After availing of a master’s in game design, the common career options for you include video game developer, app developer, coding expert, computer system analyst, etc.

8. Master In Public Administration

  • Starting Salary: $54,000
  • Future Growth: 17%

Master in Public Administration also stands among the popular education courses of 2022. It is the fastest-growing major in all of the United States as more and more youth are engaging with their communities to combat health-related crises. Project management in the public and private sectors is the primary responsibility of a public administrator.


The selection of an education degree depends on many factors, including your interest, job prospects, financial rewards, and stable career path. You must pay attention to the market trends and emerging new subjects while opting for a degree as it would open many doors of opportunities in the long run.

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