While MP4 is a famous and useful cross-platform media file, there comes a time when you inevitably need to convert to MP3. It could be you want a more compressed file that is easy to share and store or you are simply interested in the audio. Whichever the case, you need to know the right way to convert MP4 to MP3. This involves using the right MP4 to MP3 converter. Well, there are plenty of converters out there claiming to offer unmatched conversion experience. However, a majority of them are exaggerated and can turn your joy inside out. You need to be cautious when selecting a way to convert MP4 to MP3. Luckily, you don’t have to spend several hours curating for the best way to convert MP4 to MP3 because this article gives you two easy ways to convert MP4 to MP3.

Way 1: Using Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter is a popular and one of its kind MP4 to MP3 media file converter. This program is loved by millions of people across the world owing to its immense capabilities. It is no doubt a one-stop video converter for any media file format ranging from videos to audio. The incredibly-fast conversion speed, ease of use, and quality output give you the ultimate conversion experience. This program is available for popular operating systems including Windows and Mac. Download the free trial version or upgrade to affordable unlimited versions to take your media conversion experience to another level.

How To Convert MP4 To MP3 Using Wondershare UniConverter

Step 1. Import MP4 Video Files

First, start by launching Wondershare UniConverter on your computer. On the main interface, confirm that the “Video Converter” option is selected on the left window pane. Proceed to click the “Add Files” button and choose the respective MP4 file on the displayed file directory window. Now click the “Open” button to upload it to Wondershare UniConverter.

upload mp4

Step 2. Choose MP3 As Output

When the MP4 file is successfully imported, click the “Output Format” drop-down icon at the bottom of the window. From the displayed options, click the “Audio” tab and choose the “MP3” option. Now select a suitable MP3 quality on the right.

choose mp3

Before you trigger the MP4 to MP3 conversion, first make sure that the “High-Speed Conversion” at the top-right is enabled. Again choose a convenient output folder under the “File Location” section. Now click the “Convert” button or the “Start All” button if you are converting a single MP4 file or multiple MP4 files respectively.


Way 2: Using Wondershare Online Video Converter

Wondershare Online Video Converter is an excellent online tool to convert video and audio files including MP4 to MP3. This online platform is simple and easy to use. Users can upload their media files from the local computer, dropbox, or Google Drive. This program supports a wide range of media file formats such as MP3, MP4, MOV, WAV, FLV, and WEBM.  This online platform offers high-speed conversion and download. Users can do at most 30 concurrent conversions with a maximum file size of 500MB. You can use the free version or upgrade to yearly or monthly subscriptions to unlock better features and catapult your conversion experience. With Wondershare Online Video Converter, you can also do other media file operations like video compressions and editing.

How to Convert MP4 to MP3 using Wondershare Online Video Converter

Step 1. Add MP4 File

Using your browser, visit Wondershare Online Video Converter. Hit the “+ Add File” button, browse for the MP4 file, and upload it to Wondershare Online Video Converter. Alternatively, you can drag the file from the save location into the Wondershare Online Video Converter interface.

add files

Step 2. Choose MP3 Format

Once uploaded, click the convert  “to” drop-down arrow and choose “MP3” in the “Audio” section.

choose mp3

Step 3. Convert and Download MP3

Hit the “Convert” button to let the program convert your MP4 to MP3. Once completed, click the “Download” button to download the MP3 file into your device.


Bottom Line

Wondershare UniConverter is no doubt the real deal as far as media file conversion comes into play. This program boosts the experience of over 10 years with ever ballooning satisfied customers. The software is very reliable, offers breakneck conversion speed, has an elegant and easy-to-use interface, and is affordable. Everything has been tailor-made to meet the user demands with the following functionalities:

  • It allows you to edit videos by adding effects, watermarks, cropping, trimming, splitting, rotating, and adding audio.
  • Downloads videos and audios from over 10,000 sharing sites by simply pasting the URL and saving the file.
  • Records quality videos and audios online as well as your desktop activities
  • Compresses video to desired sizes without downgrading their quality.
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