As a small business, you need to connect with your own community. You’ve sent out mailers and hung up fliers, but it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick.

What are some digital marketing tricks you can try that will grab local attention? It’s time to master local SEO, particularly for the leading search engine, Google.

Think about it! Even you are likely to Google a business (or type of business) to find out more about it, and the top search results aren’t there by accident.

If you’re ready to get more local attention, check out these local SEO tips. Read on for three that will make an immediate impact.

1. Start a Google Business Account

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If you don’t have a Google Business account, it’s time to get one. This allows you to create a Google Business Profile that pops up when people search for your business, and it allows you to edit and verify any pertinent information that shows up on that profile.

Plus, there are tons of other perks like Google Business Profile posts that will improve your local ranking. Once you get the hang of these tools, you’ll find that they’re easy and even fun to use.

2. Use Local Keywords

Choose High-Low Keywords

When you look for local business SEO tips, you’re going to see a lot about keywords. What you may not realize is that you want those keywords to rank well locally, not globally.

Here’s the easiest Google local SEO tip we can offer: go back to your keyword generator and look at your selected settings. If you haven’t narrowed down your results to a specific region, it’s time to do so. Now, when you look for high-ranking keywords, you’ll get direct access to the keywords that rank well in your own town or city.

3. Focus on Local Content

Variety Of Content Types

Google uses all sorts of tools like location trackers and previous searches to put together search results for each Google user. That means that if we Google the same things, we’re likely to get different results. The best way to make sure that you’re showing up in your own community’s search results is to post about, well, the community.

Create content that pertains to local events, traditions, or establishments. Rather than covering general topics on your website, create community-specific content. For example, a San Antonio roofing contractor could write about what high Texas temperatures do to roofing materials.

Give Our Best Local SEO Tips a Try

As a small business, you rely a lot on community support. If you’ve been struggling to drum up business lately, it’s time to shine more light on what your business has to offer. These local SEO tips will help you secure a higher ranking when the people in your region are looking for a business like yours.

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