Sometimes a person accidentally deletes important stuff like pictures or documents in a Mac device. But after some time, he wants to recover it.

This becomes a problem at times and one needs a reliable program for this purpose. By using EaseUS data recovery wizard one can recover all the lost, deleted or formatted important documents. It’s not difficult at all.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac

This all can be done in just three simple steps. You can restore data on iMac, Macbook and storage devices.

Mac data recovery is very easy with EaseUS data recovery wizard. It is specially designed for Max. You will have a greater chance for recovery if you use it earlier.

Have you lost your data from iPhone? keep reading to know recover you lost iPhone data with this software.

1. Mac Files Recovery:

Deleted and formatted files in a MacBook can be recovered by using this EaseUS data recovery wizard software. Photos, images, files, and documents can be recovered and restored by this software.

More than 200 types of files are supported by this software. It is very user-friendly software. Mac data recovery is now very easy with this software.

2. Mac-based Devices:

This software only works for mac data recovery. It means this software is completely compatible with the macOS and all its versions. This software also scans the portable devices which are connected to your Mac device.

In this way, you can find your lost files or the ones which are not accessible. You can restore data from CF card, SD card, hard drive, USB drive, iPod MP4 and MP3 players. So, this software allows mac data recovery at a large scale.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
EaseUS data recovery wizard for Mac

3. Problems of Data Loss:

There is a great variety of data loss problems in mac which can be solved with EaseUS data recovery wizard software.

Deleted Recovery of Data:

In this type of help this software will restore and recover all the deleted files even from your trash. Sometimes accidentally some of the important files are deleted and moved to trash. This software is best to recover these files for mac data recovery.

Data Recovery of Formatted Files:

Sometimes files got corrupted while updating your system. Other times prompted errors to occur in media or drive. Formatting of a hard drive and its partition also cause problems and you need your all data back to its place. So, this software works best in all cases.

Partition Issues:

Data is also lost while partitioning. Sometimes the partition is hidden. Disk issues of mac can also cause these partition issues. But you don’t have to worry as Ease the US data recovery software is best for this problem.

Oher Problems:

Complications also result from sudden shutdown, media card error or device installation. All this important data that is lost during these procedures can be recovered using this software. But it will only work for the mac system.


This software has two versions. One is free and basic which costs nothing but only 2GB data can be restored from it. On the other hand, if you use a professional version you can recover and restore unlimited files. But it will cost you $89.95.

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