The Florida Medical Association has responded to a letter sent by state Sen. Mike Fasano, R-New Port Richey, encouraging state medical groups to use a newly implemented prescription drug monitoring database (aka E-FORCSE). In a letter written yesterday, the Association Executive Vice President Timothy Stapleton writes that his group “fully supports the implementation of E-forcse and strongly encourages [its] members to utilize this new tool.”

The words echo a letter recently penned by the Florida Osteopathic Medical Association, which is also encouraging the use of the database.

Fasano’s chief legislative aide, Greg Giordano, calls the Florida Medical Association “an integral part” of the passage of the three bills that ultimately led to the creation of the database and the pill mill restrictions.

As part of the state’s plan to curb the illicit distribution of prescription drugs, E-FORCSE allows state health care professionals to query the database for any indication that a patient is engaging in the practice of “doctor shopping” in order to accumulate prescription drugs. There is no requirement that doctors must utilize the database prior to writing a prescription, however.

“With the two major medical associations encouraging their members to consult the drug database when it goes online, Sen. Fasano hopes that the three main goals of the database (saving lives, cutting down on doctor shopping and improving patient care) will have the greatest chance of being realized,” says Giordano.

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