Millions of Americans suffer from drug and alcohol addiction and unfortunately do not get the help that they need. What’s worse is that many of these addiction issues start at a young age.

If you or a loved one is suffering from drug addiction, let it be known that there is always a solution. You can get help.

Keep reading to learn more about the drug and alcohol addiction treatment options available and how to help teen drug recovery.

Talk Therapy

Talk Therapy

Talk therapy is one of the most common forms of therapy used to treat a multitude of mental illnesses and disorders. Since substance addiction is considered a chronic disease that affects the mind, talk therapy is a great tool to help fix addiction.

Talk therapy is used widely among rehab centers all across the nation. A clear sign of a good and trustworthy rehab center is their use of talk therapy, usually done by trained mental health professionals.

Two of the most common forms of talk therapy are cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical-behavioral therapy (DBT).

CBT involves identifying certain harmful thoughts or thought processes that a person might have and working to rearrange those. DBT goes hand in hand with that by working on ways to help clients develop new skills to deal with emotional regulation.

Detoxification Treatment

Detoxification is the precursor to almost every rehab center program. Detoxing is necessary for rehab as it helps remove the substance in question from the client’s body and their access to it.

Detoxification is done in a slow process to help offset some of the potential symptoms of withdrawal. Medication and psychotherapy (such as those discussed above) might be used alongside the regular detox process if deemed necessary.

Inpatient Therapy

Inpatient Therapy

Inpatient therapy is extremely helpful to people with substance addiction, as it allows them to stay at a substance-free facility with trained professionals available 24/7. The main reason many people go to inpatient therapy is because of how extremely difficult it is to sober up by oneself.

No matter how much motivation or determination one has, addiction is a real mental disorder that requires the aid of professionals. To add to that, many people are unaware of how to treat withdrawal symptoms. There’s where a professional comes in.

Something that isn’t given the light that it needs is teen drug recovery. Just like any other drug treatment program, teens can also go into inpatient therapy if necessary. Inpatient treatment is highly versatile and teens can even go to school while in therapy!

Outpatient Therapy

During outpatient therapy, patients will receive close to the same care as they would with inpatient therapy. The main exception is that they’ll be at home or at a location outside of the rehab center.

Outpatient therapy is reserved for those who have completed inpatient therapy programs or those with mild cases of addiction. This is due to the fact that in outpatient therapy, patients are closer to the outside world which increases access to substances again.

Medicinal Treatment

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Occasionally, doctors and psychiatrists will prescribe medication to help reduce the effects of withdrawal. Some medication even helps with addiction itself.

Talk to your doctor about medicine to see if it’s right for your loved one. You might be concerned that adding more medication might add to the addiction. However, you can rest easy knowing that over time the prescription dose will lower.

More Help With Treating Drug and Alcohol Addiction

There are other ways to treat drug and alcohol addiction such as support groups and faith-based therapy, though those are patient-specific. These are the most common forms of drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

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