Have you been curious about correct food and drink pairings? There’s no doubt you would drink milk while eating watermelon. That’s why certain foods pair well with certain drinks.

If you want to be a person of taste in culture, this article is for you. Keep scrolling to learn the best food pairings with drinks.

Contrasting Pairing

Contrasting Pairing

The contrast between food and drink is when the balance between the flavors and tastes is opposed. Characteristics between the food and drink don’t have similar characteristics but complement each other.

For example, a full-bodied red wine’s high acidity and bitterness would be an excellent contrasting pair with a leg of lamb or a seared ribeye.

Congruent Pairing

A congruent pairing creates balance by intensifying flavor profiles between the food and the wine. An example would be a white wine like chardonnay eaten with traditional creamy pasta.

A light acidic wine such as sauvignon blanc would go well with a delicate entree like a fish with a light sauce glaze.

If you want good combinations between food and beverage, go with a congruent pairing of food.

Sweet and Salty

A sweet to salty food and drink pairing is excellent during the summer or a fun night out. If you’re feeling adventurous, try combing a sweet drink with salty food. Spicy barbecue mixed with a strawberry spritzer would be a fun pairing.

If you have a fun and adventurous persona, a sweet and salty pairing would suit well for you. Consider wine tours to amp up your food pairing adventures.

Pay Attention to Alcohol Levels

If you want a drink with a little more bite, as in higher alcohol content, make sure to avoid any spicy foods. Drinks with higher alcohol content tend to kick up the spiciness in foods.

Unless you like spicy foods, it’s best not to go with a full-bodied cabernet or zinfandel well eating spicy foods. Instead, have something like a beer or a sweet wine like a RosΓ©.

Order Your Food And Drink at the Same Time

Order Your Food And Drink at the Same Time

Your favorite drink may not pair well with your food. Instead, browse through the menu and choose your food and drink at the same time. Doing this will help you navigate to food and drink pairing that will work well together.

Also, most restaurants will have recommendations that will give you the best food and drink pairing for their menu.

Food Pairings For You

The type of food pairings and drink pairings to enjoy depends on your mood and taste. What we went over may seem like a lot but their just a few ways you can have a more sophisticated pallet when trying new foods and drinks. Try all of the suggestions we presented in the article and find something that fits your personality.

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