Got a new job? A big interview? Are you looking to make a statement but are unsure what to put on?

Stylish and professional attire denotes that you can take care of business. Looking good in professional attire gives you a confidence boost to get through the workday. You should learn the essential lessons of how to dress professionally and stylishly, so you never seem out of place in a workplace ever again.

Are you looking to dress for success? If so, check out this guide to learn how to dress professionally and stylishly.

Business Professional

In many offices, dressing properly means going for ‘business professional’. Business professional is the traditional form of attire worn in offices. Perhaps the most common kind of professional business attire is a suit for both men and women.

Wearing business professional does not mean only limiting yourself to drab clothes; there are many ways to look stylish in business professional attire. Here are some style tips.

Wear Tailored Clothes

Nothing comes off as effortlessly stylish as a well-tailored suit. No matter your body size, tailored clothes will look better, making the relatively high price of such clothes worth it. Looking good in the workplace is proven to make you feel more confident in pursuing business success. As such, making an investment in three to five tailored suits is worth it.

Keep the Colors Conservative

Despite the urge to wear that cute neon top that you own, when dressing professionally, it is advisable to stick to muted colors. Muted colors convey a more professional demeanor, and that is why they are preferred for a business professional. When selecting clothes such as pants, shirts, and jackets for work, go for colors such as white, black, navy blue or grey.

The statement you want to make is that you are a consummate professional. Thus, if you must go for patterns, ensure that they are not too bold or extreme to take away from the professional aura of your clothes.

If you are having trouble deciding if a color or pattern is professional, wear the color and take a photo of yourself. Then look at the photo and imagine yourself in an office setting handling business. If the image fits with you in those colors, then pick it, otherwise choose something else.

The advantage of muted colors in business professional attire is that it is easy to match different items of clothes without looking odd. A nice black, brown, or grey blazer will also make your professional name badges stand out, increasing your ability to sell yourself as a stylish professional.

Suits and Pants

Suits and pants are the defining looks of business professional. To amplify the style factor of your attire, stick to well-fitting pants with a crease.  In addition, stay away from denim and other heavy cotton wear if you want to keep it strictly business. Your best bet for professional-looking pants and suits is khaki. Always make sure that your suits and pants are wrinkle-free and clean. Nothing dents a well-crafted professional image such as a badly creased pant.

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Dresses and Skirts

You are not limited to suits and pants. When dressing for work, you can wear dresses and skirts and still look like you can handle business. Stick to muted colors when picking dresses and skirts for business professional wear. Also, keep an eye on the length of the skirt to make sure that it does not expose too much thigh when you are sitting down. Also, ensure that the slit in the skirt goes no higher than the back of your knee.

It is important to remember that the goal is not only to look professional but also to ensure free movement. The clothes you select should be comfortable to sit, stand, and walk-in.

Choose the Right Undergarments

Undergarments are also part of professional wear. Pick undergarments that will not show through your clothes as this can ruin the professional look. In addition, ensure that the undergarments are comfortable enough to allow free movement.

Dress Professionally in the Right Shoes

Shoes complete the business professional look. Wear shoes whose color and style compliments the rest of your attire. As such, stay away from stilettos, chunky heels, or shoes with bright colors. You can never go wrong with closed-toe pumps that are the same color as the rest of your clothes. For extra style points, try to coordinate the color of your shoes and your purse.

Business Casual

The other set of professional wear is business casual. A business casual look is more relaxed but still conveys an aura of professionalism. Business casual women wear allows women to wear a greater variety of clothes and even include jewelry.

Here are some tips on how to look stylish and professional in business casual wear.

Wear Solid Colors

When wearing business casual, stick to solid muted colors, as they are better at conveying professionalism, especially if you want to make the right impression in a meeting.

Choose Blazers Over Cardigans

Cardigans are comfortable, but they are less professional-looking than fitted blazers. A fitted blazer instantly transforms your attire into a professional look. The ability of blazers to make for a stylish business casual look works even when you are wearing jeans or plain t-shirts.

Opt for Simple Jewelry

Business casual offers some leeway when selecting jewelry. Choose simple and less conspicuous jewelry that does not draw attention. More resources here.

Go for Fitted Clothes

Like in business professional, go for fitted clothes over baggy ones. Fitted clothes just look better and present a more professional appearance. A tip in making your appearance look cleaner and more professional is to tuck in t-shirts instead of letting them hang.

Enjoy Building Your Professional Wardrobe

The advice given in this article will get you looking professional and stylish. Building a great wardrobe should not be a strenuous process. Enjoy the whole process by trying out different tailors and shops. First impressions matter in the office and looking professional conveys a message that you are serious about getting work done. Dress professionally to compliment your skill-set.

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