One of the most important parts of travelling is buying souvenirs for the people back at home.  It’s always interesting choosing gifts, spending time in looking around in the markets or shopping malls, looking for quirky little presents, or luxury items, having them gift wrapped and then – handing them over.

There are so many dreamy gifts you can buy and of course it depends on your budget and who you are buying for.

The one thing that girls, teens or women appreciate, is jewellery.  It doesn’t really matter where it is from, as long as it sparkles, is good quality and long lasting.  A pretty necklace, a gorgeous bracelet, earrings or a luxury watch are all divine gifts. The beauty about jewellery, and in particular luxury watches, is that as a traveler, you can usually find these things tax free.  If you look at The Watch Company in Tokyo, the reason their prices are so good is because there is no tax for travelers.

Men also love to get jewellery although they don’t all like the necklaces and bracelets!  A luxury watch is a great idea for a man. Watch straps are always adjustable and a watch is a present for life.  Again, check out The Watch Company not only because they have a really superb range of luxury mens watches, but also because travellers do not pay tax.  If you are buying the gift, you do not pay the tax which can be a pretty big saving.

So what other gifts are great ideas? We do know you should put some effort into finding a gift.  If you are buying something for kids, well, young kids always appreciate toys or fluffy animals. If the kids are a bit older, then electronic goods are always a hit.  Make sure that whatever you buy is compatible with other devices in your home country.  The good thing about electronics is they too are often tax free.  Sometimes it’s a good idea to leave this bit of shopping till the airport, because of the many duty free shops.  Or buy a watch for a teen, it is a present for life.

Clothing is always a wonderful idea, but it might be hard to choose clothes for somebody else.  You can certainly buy things like silk scarves or funky socks, but it is much harder to buy a dress or a blouse in case you buy the wrong size.  If you are going to spend a lot of money on something, make sure that it fits. And that it lasts for a long time.

Perfume is a dream gift.  Again, try and ask the person you are buying for which perfume they like.  A perfume that smells good on you may give off a different aroma on somebody else.  

You can also always buy novelty gifts.  Coffee cups with the city name on it are fun, unless the person does not drink coffee.  T-shirts with the city name or a logo, wonderful. If you have a kid or teen in your life who loves football, buy them a football t-shirt.  That is always a great gift for a sports fan. You can also get a soccer ball although be careful as some airlines make you take the air out before you travel.

Let’s get back to watches.  We think that luxury watches are the ideal gift, especially if you want to buy something special.  Owning a luxury watch means you have that watch for life. It also means you will remember the person who gave you the watch, for life.  A luxury timepiece is more than a gift, actually. It is an investment. You can find luxury watches at The Watch Company in Tokyo and you really will get the deal of a lifetime. Note, you do not need to be in Tokyo – although that is always fun – to buy from The Watch Company. You can buy online too and still do not have to pay tax.

If you are spending good money on a gift, get good quality.  Always make sure that a luxury piece comes with a guarantee or a warrantee.  Buy from somewhere reputable and ensure that the staff do know their products and quality. If you are buying your dream travel gifts from a street market, no problem.  But if you are buying a luxury item from a luxury store, make sure you know exactly what you are buying.

Travel well. And buy great gifts!

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