The times when a group of students shared one tiny room-for-all-purposes are already gone, fortunately. In today’s reality, young people can have accommodation to their taste and preference. Nevertheless, one thing that can be tough is decorating and making it feel comfy – it’s sort of your first own place, after all.

It’s important to create a study-friendly atmosphere since your dorm room is a place where you will be doing most of your studying. You need to organize a study spot where you will keep your books, study materials, notebooks, etc. It should as well be comfortable for using a laptop or a computer as you will spend hours working on coursework and various research papers.

There is also a high (100%, to be exact) possibility that you are already thinking about hanging out with your friends, playing the play station, watching Netflix, or even listening to EDM, if you are into it, of course, in your room. But before it, you have to make another important decision. What will you sleep and spend most of your time on? We have selected the most suitable options and types, predicting that you are not looking for a king-size bed and eliminating the least relevant options.


Presumably, you’ve decided that a bed is going to be your main piece of furniture. However, it’s not easy choosing one, because now you are pondering over mattresses and bed frames. Let us give you some insight into your options:

  • Bed frame

There are various kinds of bed frames: upholstered, wooden, metal, and ottoman. Upholstered ones could be a great choice as it is more comfortable to read, watch, or do homework with your head resting on a soft headboard. Wooden and metal ones look great in Scandinavian or Victorian designs, but if you have limited space, you’ll bump into it all the time and even might get injured because of their sharp edges (God forbid, with your pinky toe!). Ottoman bed is a bed with internal storage, which can be a great space-saving choice. It serves as a bed and cabinets making your bedroom look tidy and smart.

  • Mattress

It doesn’t seem to be challenging as they are pretty simple in their range. Almost all mattresses are made of thick fabric, and only the filling varies polyester, cotton, metal springs, foam, and even silk. Probably, you won’t choose the silk one, cause then the mattress would be the only thing you could afford. Foam and metal springs are the most common and convenient in terms of price and quality.

  • Another brilliant choice would be a space-saving bunk bed provided you have a roommate. We guess that you’ve just imagined those rusty metal beds that give you the creeps but believe us, you will love the modern, soft wooden variants that give you the feeling of convenience and snugness.
  • Wall beds may be one more option for you. Although, you need to know that you’ll have to fold it down and up every time you want to have a rest or go to sleep unless you have an additional sofa.


You can also favor a sofa: it can be exploited both as a bed, as a study spot, and a place for rest. Moreover, if your friends or family visit you, you have an extra sitting space. Also, it offers the possibility to adjust small space smartly.

  • A two-seater sofa is an easy-to-fit, comfortable piece of furniture. But if you invite guests, you could have too few sitting spots, unfortunately.
  • A three-seater sofa may not have the benefit of saving space, but if you have a spacious room, then – lucky you!
  • A corner sofa may be a good way to decorate your room. It looks especially advantageous next to the window where you’ll have enough light. And if you add some shelves above you can make your room cozier. If you plan to have a movie night, then you will be surprised by how many people a corner sofa can fit in.

All the above-described types automatically become more advantageous in a convertible version. It is also worth mentioning that long ago, manufacturers came up with an idea to create a sofa bed, a two-in-one perfect alternative. It looks just like a sofa, but it can be easily converted into a bed and vice versa. Some of them are enhanced with remote control lifting and even fit a TV. That’s why you definitely should consider it, but it has to be sturdy enough to endure all the following years of folding and unfolding.

A futon

This item is neither a bed nor a sofa. It came from the Japanese culture, and there is only a slight distinction from a sofa bed: it has no springs or filler that makes a mattress thick. That’s why a futon is rather stiff, but the folding job is intuitive and fast. What is more, it could be used as a bed for occasional or unexpected guests.

Choosing Sofas and Beds

So, as you see, even with a moderate budget, one can choose from a variety of options. Take your time selecting, and it will definitely pay you off, giving you comfort and convenience during your college years as well as for a long time after it.

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