Whether you’re off to college as a freshman or seasoned upperclassman, it’s easy to forget to pack the essentials for your dorm room. As a woman, your needs vary from a man’s, so you deserve a checklist dedicated to girls. Well, here it is. Peruse this list and check up each item to make sure you are prepared for the start of school this fall.

Here are the lists

Essentials for the Bedroom

Every woman needs an alarm clock for 8 a.m. biology class.

Bed linens are an often overlooked essential bought hastily at the last minute. Bring comfortable sheets that won’t make you sweat and a cozy pillow that promotes spine health. You need plenty of rest, so attention to detail can help you choose a comforter and blanket for warmer or cooler nights — so you’re always prepared.

Pro tip: If you are a freshman, check whether your dorm has a twin or extra-long twin bed.

Another essential that can help you avoid loneliness and bad decisions includes one or two of the best vibrators for women. Vibrators promote sexual health and wellbeing and can help you avoid bad relationships and distractions from your studies.

Essentials for Your Closet

Bring one kind of hanger for the closet to keep it neat and orderly, which will help you arrive on time for 8 a.m. biology.

Make a list of the clothing you want to bring. Remember that you have limited space to work with. So, pack just enough to make it to the next laundry day.

You also need a large laundry basket that’s sturdy enough to make it down the hall to the laundry room and last the whole semester.

Study Essentials and Dorm Decor

Make sure your laptop is in good working order and has the software loaded for your fall classes.

Bring a reliable desk lamp that won’t keep your roommate awake if you’re cramming for an exam.

Posters, pictures and mementos from home can prevent loneliness and make your dorm room homey. Just don’t overdo it to avoid cluttering your space.

Storage boxes and stackable crates make smart additions to your dorm room, where space is at a premium. Choose the right size to stow items under your bed and in corners.

Bathroom Essentials

Bring at least two washcloths and towels to last between laundry days.

You’ll need a bathrobe for the trip down the hall to the shower and flip-flops to deal with the reality of a public shower.

A shower tote makes it much easier to store shampoo, loofahs and bathroom essentials.


It’s nice to have dishes and utensils for late-night pizza and snacks, even if you take your meals in the cafeteria. If you have a kitchen, remember to bring the necessary and allowed appliances such as a hotplate or toaster.

Tying It All Together

When the big day finally arrives, it can be a stressful one for parents and students alike. Just remember, that while you’ve got all your physical essentials ready for your new life, there are still some emotional bonds that you’ll need to work through. Keep an open line of communication with your family and other close friends so that you don’t feel like your whole support system has been upended. It’s an exciting new world, but you’re ready!

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