If you know how to make basic memes, then its time you switch it up and get more attention. No doubt, memes have taken over social media today and even the corporate sector is jumping on the bandwagon.

Some brands are using memes to market their products. This can work out well or turn into a flop depending on the memes created.

When creating a meme, you can either use memes that are already popular or you could make one from scratch.

Here are tips that could help you improve your meme creation skills.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Screen Capture Memes

The easiest memes to create have to be the screen capture memes. However, to get the meme to be more popular the image has to be from a well-known movie or TV show. The more people can relate to the meme the more shares it gets and the more popular it becomes.

The Condescending Wonka from the 1971 movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is an example of a screen capture meme.

A more recent example of a screen capture meme is the “We don’t do that here” meme from the “Black Panther” movie.

Spice Things up with Comparison Memes

This involves incorporating two images together with a common aspect. You will need a keen eye for this one. Once you have the two images you can use the Adobe’s Spark meme generator to create your meme.

You can choose to add texts to the made meme or leave it at that as sometimes the images say it all.

Use Bursty Backgrounds

Bursty background memes are images gotten from other places and put on a different background an example is the Philosoraptor meme. A hilarious background can be used instead of the plain ones.

To complete this meme, you must add some witty or relatable texts, a joke without a punch line ceases to be a joke.

Other Ways to Make the Most of Memes

There are other tips you can use to turn basic memes into popular ones. These include the following:

  • Make your texts as brief as possible. In addition to this, the texts should be relatable to both the image and the viewer.
  • If you want funny text memes, make sure the joke can be understood. Screenshots from different social sites tend to make good funny text memes.
  • Choose fonts that are easy to read and make them large. A meme with small unreadable texts is more likely to be ignored.
  • Get searching. Always be on the lookout for the next big meme image. There are image sources that offer the images for free, you can fish for your memes from there but be sure to check on the permission.
  • Another source that is perfect for sourcing for images is through pop culture. Celebrities and famous people tend to make for perfect memes. There are many funny Drake memes making rounds on the internet, you just have to find the right image.
  • Know the top trending memes as they show up. Reddit and Tumblr are famous for memes. Before memes move to other social media sites they are known to circulate in these sites first.
  • Always make sure your texts resonate with the image. If you are making a meme for a specific brand make sure that get along.
  • After creating what you consider to be the next big thing, post it on popular social sites. Tumblr and Reddit are most preferred for displaying memes for the first time. Don’t feel limited to the two sites circulate your meme as much as you can in all mainstream social media sites.

Turning Basic Memes into Attention-Grabbers Has Never Been Easier

With these simple tips, you will be sure to turn basic memes into hilarious ones. The best part is that there are so many easy-to-use technological tools you can use to achieve this.

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