In the United States, around 80 to 90 percent of people go to court unrepresented.

Most times, people find it difficult to file for divorce or regain a lost job without the help of an attorney. In such cases, unrepresented litigants are likely to lose the case or even suffer a jail term.

Although hiring an attorney may be expensive, it is the best thing to do as it enables one to get their way out of several sticky situations including DUI violation or a bad divorce.

Below are 11 reasons why hiring an attorney may be your best bet.

1. A Complex Divorce

Hiring a lawyer ensures that issues such as sole child custody, investments, and property are well dealt with in case of a divorce. Couples with such issues need a lawyer to ensure a fair division of assets and proper representation in court.

2. Law Suits

In cases where one is at risk of loss of property or money, then hiring a lawyer is the best option. Having an attorney by your side will help you get fair treatment in court.

3. An Unfair Discrimination or Termination in the Workplace

A lawyer is aware of the federal and state laws that govern employer and employee rights. Thus, one should consider hiring a lawyer since the other side will also have solid representation.

4. Drug Charges

When faced with drug charges, one needs to research how to hire an attorney so as to fair better compared to those with a public defender.

5. Criminal Charges

Although facing criminal charges may be scary, hiring a lawyer ensures fair representation regardless of whether one is guilty or not.

6. Business Startups

Attorneys who specialize in business law are helpful when getting legal requirements for the start of a corporation, partnership, or a sole-proprietorship. One needs to be legally protected regardless of the nature of business you are planning to start.

7. Trusts and Wills

Having a will helps in saving your family from legal issues and disputes when you die. Therefore, one should consider hiring a lawyer to set up their trust or will.

8. A DUI

People charged with a DUI, usually end up serving a jailing time or losing their licenses. However, hiring a lawyer may help reduce the fine and escape the maximum penalty.

9. Injury as a result of a Car Accident

When injured in a car accident, one is advised not to talk to anyone including insurance companies without the help of a personal injury lawyer. Most people are not familiar with the normal compensation rates or laws governing such kinds of injuries. Hiring a good lawyer will help you get fair compensation.

10. Personal Injury

Hiring an attorney may come in handy in case of a personal injury caused by the recklessness of another person. When injured due to medical malpractice, one may need a lawyer to get compensation for the suffering, loss of income, and medical costs.

11. Denial of Disability Claim or Workmen’s Comp

In such cases, it is advisable to get a lawyer up front to reduce the costs of settlement.

Enhance Your Chances of Fair Treatment by Hiring an Attorney

One may need to hire a lawyer several times in their lives to ensure their cases are handled fairly. Choose a lawyer who has adequate knowledge of your rights. Be prepared to make a budget so as to know which price range you can reach when hiring an attorney.

To avoid choosing the wrong attorney, talk to a few before settling for the best.

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