Marketers and advertisement campaign owners are embracing voice search with open arms all around the world. Digital assistants including Cortana, Siri are dominating the market due to an improved capability of speech recognition. Along with Smartphones and tablet devices, the sales of smart speakers have spiked since 2017. ComScore has estimated that by 2020 half the internet surfing will be dominated by voice searches. The ease of use and convenience has pushed voice search into the mainstream.

You are in all probability debating whether to stick to traditional SEO strategies or go for the mode of conversational search; the big question is how you can take advantage of the ascending voice search volume? As a marketer you can read, review and self-educate yourself to get the basics right. There are a number of online listings including Vision Smash Philadelphia SEO who will cater to your specific needs of SEO strategizing for dominating voice searches.

There are a number of potential approaches. Read on!

Long-tail keywords

Voice searches are much more conversational and focus on longer phrases. Written online content is dominated by head keywords which are generally 1-2 words long. Optimizing the keywords and search phrases to include longer phrases as a part of your SEO strategy is the way to go to dominate voice search results.

Article specificity

There are a number of Keyword explorer tools and investing in one will help you to search and identify high volume keyword phrases. Your articles need to be well researched and specific to what the consumer searches for and wants. Brainstorming for long tail keywords to include in your bespoke content is a surefire way to get the desired hits on your website landing page.

Natural voice

As the content provider, it’s your job to write in a more natural voice. A general rule of thumb to follow is to write like it is spoken. Don’t stuff complicated keywords which are the practice for written content and you can naturally optimize the landing page for better search results.

Additionally, to the initiation topic for the campaign a section for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and blogs are extremely important. Focusing on the common user questions makes your webpage the prime target for future search results. You must also keep in mind that internet users generally search for informational, navigational and transactional content. Plan your strategy accordingly and reap the rewards.

Local SEO prioritization

The current world we live in is fast paced, and users tend to search for restaurants, hangout joints and tourist spots on the go. You can build up your traditional SEO tactics arsenal and incorporate them into strategies for dominating voice search. Use of local keywords is a must for this. Local SEO always boosts the ratings for a website.

Additionally, you need to have a presence in the multiple third-party apps and the local directories so that the valuable internet traffic is redirected into your campaign. Ranking high locally is just the perfect stepping stone to dominating voice searches worldwide.

There is a lot of room for growth since voice searches have just started dominating the marketing world. Start early and with your proactive attitude you can boss the shared audience of the internet world.

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