Most people aren’t comfortable with bugs crawling within their home surroundings, much less comfortable with scorpions having free reign. Living in an area where scorpions are common means having an anti scorpion solution, readily available is important. Does lavender keep scorpions away? Here you will learn the conditions they thrive in, and how to get rid of them.

Conditions Scorpions Need to Thrive

– Food: Their primary food is insects. Scorpions can go quite some time without eating, too.

– Shelter: Typically a small enough crack for them to crawl into. Scorpions don’t have vertebrates, and can squish their exoskeleton to about 1/16th of an inch – so they aren’t picky about how much hiding space is available.

– Moisture: Scorpions not a lot of water, but prefer for their surroundings to have some moisture.

All of these factors are readily available in most modern houses today, especially homes with gardens. So it isn’t too far fetched to expect scorpions in your home. Here are some methods for repelling scorpions.

Does Lavender Keep Scorpions Away?

● Set Scorpion Traps

These are like the glue traps you’d set for rats, but instead of rat hunting, you’re hoping the scorpions will get stuck on them. After a few scorpions get stuck, you’re hoping others will get the memo. The problem with this trap though, is that you’ll end up trapping other pests and scorpions that are ALIVE. If you’re worried about what to do with live scorpions, this may not be the best method for you.

● Citric Oils & Scents

Scorpions tend to have a negative reaction to citric scents and oils. That means you can light up a citric candle daily for a week or month and it will send whatever resident scorpion packing.

● Lavender Oil & Plants

Does lavender keep scorpions away? Sure. Something about the sweet scent from this plant triggers scorpions the wrong way. It won’t kill them, it just won’t make your home welcoming to them. Thankfully lavender isn’t as repellant to humans, but for the few people who dislike or are allergic to lavender, you can try burning up citrus candles.

● Seal Your Home

Or at least the entry points, cracks, and all crevices you think scorpions might be using as hiding spots. Check your pipes (source of water) and air vents for leaks. Check everywhere. You have to think like a desperate scorpion about to be kicked out.

To Summarize

Does lavender keep scorpions away? Regardless of how well equipped you are, it is easier to deter scorpions from making a home in yours if you take precautions. Beyond sealing any openings, lavender is a scent that deters scorpions from entering the house. Keep your house clean and free from insects and they’ll be less likely to show up.

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