As we have reported, the GEO Group is working with Florida City to win a bid for a private immigration detention facility in South Florida.

Here are the details of the project, as supplied by ICE public affairs officer Ivan L. Ortiz-Delgado in an e-mail to the Florida Independent:

In lieu of issuing formal Requests for Proposal (RFP), ICE has opted to utilize our authority to seek detention space with local governments through the Intergovernmental Service Agreement process. Consequently, we’ve issued Statements of Objectives to county governments that either current house or would be interested in housing ICE detainees, that outline our detention needs in certain critical areas around the county, including South Florida.

These Statements of Objectives incorporate the agency’s key immigration detention reform objectives, which include:

  • Establishing conditions of confinement to meet the unique needs of ICE’s diverse detained population.
  • Consolidating and realigning detention resources to keep detainees closer to families and legal resources
  • Reducing the transfers of detainees from one geographic area to another due to the lack of detention resources.
  • Maintaining an inventory of detention resources with the flexibility to meet ICE’s changing detention needs
  • Implementing detention reforms in a fiscally responsible and cost-neutral manner.”

Some basic information about the proposed facility.

  • This will be a multi-purpose facility and will house a full range of ICE detainees.  The hardest beds at the facility will be equivalent to medium-security but will include a number of softer beds for non-criminal detainees.
  • The facility will house detainees in removal proceedings, or those awaiting removal from the U.S.
  • ICE is currently evaluating proposals and will likely make a decision within 120 days
  • ICE is evaluating three proposals.
  • ICE is not expecting additional proposals.
  • There are several facilities being proposed, all by different government entities, in some cases with a private company as a partner
  • The selected government entity and its partner would be responsible for paying construction costs if construction is necessary.
  • Construction may not be necessary for all proposals, but where it is the cost of the proposed facility might be in the range of 100 – 200 million dollars.
  • Ideally, the facility would house approximately 1800 detainees.

Here’s a letter from the mayor of Florida City to a member of the Miami-Dade County Commission, which describes that town’s proposal.

Florida City Letter

Here’s a letter from a GEO executive that describes a meeting with ICE between him and Florida City’s mayor.

GEO Group Letter

Here’s a resolution by the Miami-Dade County Commission calling for increased public transportation access to the facility.

Miami-Dade Resolution

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