Even though the therapeutic benefits of CBD are a relatively new discovery, CBD has been used for therapeutic and medicinal purposes since at least 2737 BC. But it’s important to figure out your CBD dosage.

Emperor Sheng Nung used cannabis-infused tea to help with ailments like malaria, gout, rheumatism, and memory.

Today, CBD can be found in almost everything, from lattes to olive oil. If you’re new to CBD, it’s important to make sure you follow the recommended CBD dosage, though.

Do you want to learn more about how much you should take for the first time? Keep reading for a quick guide that will help you determine your CBD daily dosage recommendation.

Benefits of CBD

Benefits of CBD

CBD is one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, just like THC. However, unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive. There are many benefits of CBD products that work without getting users “high.”

From anxiety to trouble sleeping, CBD-users ingest and apply CBD for all different reasons. Some of the ailments or conditions CBD may be able to help with are:

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Seizures in people with epilepsy
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Heart health
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Other auto-immune diseases
  • Nausea and loss of appetite

Whether you’re looking for the recommended CBD dosage for pain or the CBD recommended dosage for anxiety, there are several factors to consider when figuring out your ideal CBD dosage.

What’s the Right Amount for You?

The Recommended CBD Dosage Differs for Everyone

Every individual and their body works differently. Plus, the CBD recommended dosage for stress might be different than that for insomnia.

There are a few factors to consider when determining the right dose for you, such as:

  • The condition that you’re treating
  • How much you weigh
  • Your body’s chemistry
  • The concentration of CBD in the product you’re using or consuming

There are many variables that go into figuring out how much to take. In other words, there isn’t one size fits all. Before you take CBD, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about your body and how much you should start with.

This is particularly important if you’re already taking a medication that contains CBD, such as seizure medication.

If you can’t get a recommendation from your doctor, start with a smaller dose and increase it as you continue using the CBD. This could mean you’ll start with 10 or 20 mg per day. After trying a smaller dose for about a week, you should feel comfortable increasing your dose by another 5 mg.

Continue to increase by 5 mg until you feel the CBD is treating your symptoms. Keep track of how much you take and how often so that you can figure out a dose and frequency that works for you.

When it comes to CBD dosage recommendations for the elderly, it’s best to start with an even smaller dose, such as 5 mg.

The Recommended CBD Dosage Differs for Everyone

There isn’t one recommended CBD dosage that works for everyone. However, it’s safe for most individuals to start with a 10 to 20 mg dosage.

Luckily, all CBD products come with a suggested first-time dosage, too, so you don’t have to do the math on your own when it comes to potency.

If you’re excited about trying CBD and want to find more ways to live a healthy life, check out our Health & Fitness blog daily for more articles and guides!

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